23 April 2007

Linpeh first job at Walmart

Last time Linpeh 1st 1st jump aeroplane (jump aeroplane = illegal immigrant) goto Amadika, he landed a job in Walmart as a stacker.

You know lar this Linpeh dem 9 lazy one, other than stacker I dont think he can do other jobs also. Anyway this Linpeh also made frend with lotsa Mexicans at his workplace and this mexicans all dem like Linoeh bcoz he also borrow them his 5 Kap asians VCD one.

So kira Linpeh is the favourite among the stackers in Walmart la, and becoz he is considered the taikor of the stackers he also dem lansi la! always asked his mexicans machais to do this, do that for him.

Then one day Linpeh mia supervisor call him to his opis, after about 15 minutes lidat Linpeh come out from the supervisor mia opis then straight go pack his stuffs and left Walmart.

At home Linpeh mia gf (Ahlian) was waiting for him for dinner, then Linpeh told Ahlian :

Linpeh : I hafta look for a new job tomlo
Ahlian : Why? what happened?
Linpeh : I kena fired
Ahlian : Har?? by who??!
Linpeh : By my supervisor.....
Ahlian : But why?! I thot u are the most fehmes stacker in your kompeni?
Linpeh : Yes I am ... my supervisor fired me bcoz hes jeles of me la!
Ahlian : Jeles of what?!
Linpeh : I told you right? My supervisor mia job is walk around doing nothing but watching us work only right?
Ahlian : Yar ... but what does that gotta do with jealousy?
Linpeh : Well ... he got jeles becoz everyone else start thinking i m the supervisor instead of him la!


  1. hahha..that final sentence really cracked me up..lolz

    Rojaks blogspot ichiban

  2. u wana hire me as supervisor anot?? kakakka

  3. lmfao!! zha dou! da supervisor jeales plak...

  4. that's normal. tauke for hire.. ha ha

  5. That supervisor noob ar...walk walk do nothing got peeple zhi zhi duk duk for him also wan fire that peeple...


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