7 April 2007


Did some renovation on the existing Rojaks Template over the last few days, Extension from 2 colums template to 3 columns templates. So now I got more space to put more Ads!!!! *Ka-Ching!* $_$ LMAO!! I m kidding only la! Its nice to have more space to put more stuffs here and that not only limited to money making oppurtunities ok?

Many thanks to AHuei for doing the codes for me! The header I do one ...

And now ... Mind to tell me what you think of the new template and header?

why Im asking? because we value your opinion la!

So c'mon tell me ... dont be shy ok?


  1. from now on, Every Day Read Rojaks Daily Makes Me Puke Till Wanna Die because of the pic -___-

  2. For me,its kindda funny and nice to have some changes . But for others who are faint hearted,might be a little bit disgusting .

    btw,nice header!!

  3. Like Lan onli !Lin Peh one better ! hahahahhah

  4. Hallo! Is that cum cuming out of the mouth???By the look of 'your' face it seem that u not like it!! But your sites look better (more ad space )apart from the 'cumming face' just mine 1 cebts worth. Hope u r not offended OK. Have a nice day.

  5. wingz im ur super fan-see so must value my comment k..i visit here 3times a day after meal and before sleep...
    i feel like..the moment the page finish loading, i got 3 big ads staring at me..make me have to scroll down 3cm to see if got updates anot..
    then read 1st post also got ad at the side(adsense)..
    sakit mata ..
    i lke d old old 1st time layout best..although innovation is good..but make sure got improvement ar..
    love ur posts..

  6. whoops..i oni realised the different banner...xP

  7. hahhahaha laffing at lin peh's comment! Cilaka dunno whether u'll get sued by him or not for using his pictures!

  8. ahah not bad not bad. but how can.. people should blog for the passion not for money la! DEW, honey dEW!

  9. Anonymous7:40 pm

    nabeh.. all the while i read while eating still OK. but just minutes ago i chewing my kentaki fai chiken burger, i almost feel like vomit. all becoz of the header loaded up first but no content to scroll down so i'm stucked with the disgusting header..

  10. great! i likey! looks like i have a wide LCD screen lidat! hahaha

  11. Agree with Lin Peh. Wakakaka!

  12. next time if cannot puke after mabuk see ur page sure can puke successfully!!

  13. errrrrrrr...honest opinion, the header image quite disgusting oh........ why no read must vomit meh?

    the 3 columns template looks fine.

  14. Anonymous9:55 pm

    ok lah... not bad not bad... but hor, too colorful ledi... pening kepala after a while... and hor, me no longer your pang yao ah? cannot see my blog on your link ledi... *sad*

  15. Anonymous1:06 am

    Oi, you just done blow job ar? wakakaka

  16. Anonymous2:10 am

    I don like lah...
    i stuck at the header at 1st...
    i feel like vomiting...
    at 1st its was ok..
    then later i feel wierd..
    the heading b4 this 1 is ok..
    very hensem.. XD

  17. hahah.. that fler like just finish a blow job like that!

    But 3 column nice lah.

    Your Adsense not yet gau tim meh?

  18. Anonymous9:03 am

    Creative heading, sarcastic dialogue... To me is ok, but not for the faint-hearted one...

    And if can, try to keep the loading faster, cuz everytime need to wait for the posts to load, very sien lo... I everyday read rojaks, everyday have to wait, not gud lo =P

    Anyway, greatt work! Keep it up. My source of jokes is here...

  19. Uuhhh.. Disgusting!! Change back!... just the vomit picture pls.. it make me want to smack that face.. I don't want every time open rojak daily and feel like vomitting.. But the rest is quite nice..

  20. err.. really look like cum coming out from the mouth ler =_=


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