16 April 2007

When you are getting that Berlowjab .... becareful with who you are thinking of!

You brought your gf (Ahlian) to your room and you guys start to do all those lovey dovey stuffs, next both of you were buck naked and she finally get down to her knees and give you that long awaited berlowjab

You got sexcited and let out a soft moan followed by a name ..... *the story continues in comic form after this*

Comic by : evelynholic

Thats why ... next time, while u r getting your berlowjab ... you must think alot of times before saying it out or else u will end up like this fler one!!! Rite anot gals??!!! KAKAKAKA!!!

Now tell me, have you been thru this before? Dont shy ok? I plomise I wont tell on u want!!! LOL!!!

Ahpek lu got kena lidis before anot?!!! Faster shareee!!!


  1. LOL, ok ok, you can use it, since you already use it.. *grins*

    Happy reading! I link your blog kay? I didn't know you had some interesting posts there! LOL

  2. hoh... never happen to me be4 lo...

    cuz i never call out names when on bed d XD or else oso call darling honey nia... lol

  3. wahh... this one is from evelynholic's blog eh...

    looks like everyone is talking about this...

  4. thy shall not simply berlowjab in the dark...

  5. Good one! aahhaa. but kinda offending ler.

  6. wah!! that one is "belowjob", i think nobody will share their experience here. But i think if u r given "belowjob" by ur partner, u oso won't say out other girl name lar~~ Cari mati meh?

  7. LOL~
    Luckily Ah Lian is so "polite"...
    If it's someone else, *ahem* Ah Beng might be rushed to the hospital with his little bro in an ice pack~~
    Don't ask me how it happened, figure it out urself XD

  8. akkKAkakKAaka

    so..did u call out wrong name anot jekkkkk?

  9. Hmm... imagine if sleeping suddenly call out another girls name also dangerous

  10. R u speaking from experince?

  11. i kena blow that time i know how to :


  12. Got 'noise' cuming out but no name calling so still very 'safe'.

  13. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Yeah .. don't call out names .. just asking for trouble.

  14. ngahaha... is that you? So, who's Angelina anyway? Angelina Jolie meh?

  15. Call angelina still not so bad.
    Don't skali call Richard lah...Tony lah!.....lagi teruk!

  16. evelynholic : hahaha where u been la?! my blog very the powder one u know??!! lol thanks for the approval :P

    conan cat : hahaha ya hor call those general name safer!!

    zewt : har who else toking bout this har?

    ckyeo : thy shall not speak when berlowjob is in progress! lol

    soookzz : eh wait ... u how old one 1st?

    kidd## : sometime toohigh ledi terlepas cakap mah! lol

    rycerain : u r vehlee teh violent!!! lol

    huei : i refused to make any noise during berlowjob wan!

    danielctw : if you sleeping alone u can call till the ceiling drop down also no one gibe a fark!

    erinalaw : I m speaking on behave of all the men!!! lol no lar this is a community message ... so they wont screw up lol

    ahpek : niahma i thot u should be saying "moi an tai lik!!!"

    horny : call name also call those general one laaa! like honey ka babe ka darling ka lol

    toxicle : can call those general one la lol

    apogee : niahma i not so dark one lar ok!!!

    cocka : KAKAKA RICHARD!!! TONY!!!! OMFG!!!


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