2 April 2007

Where are you again?

I know this fler ... hes our supplier actually, we have been toking on the phone for quite a numbers of times ledi and finally last week he gave me a call telling me hes in his way to my opis to pay me a courtesy visit.

Well, for the sake of this story lets call him Ahbeng, Ahbeng is a very nice person and he is willing to help you solve any of your problems even tho he hafta do those stuffs that is actually beyond his scope of work. Of coz no one is perfect and so is Ahbeng ... the only problem i have with him is his english.

I presumed that hes from chinese skool by the way he tok english ... but he really do have some problem with his english and there is a point of time where i said to him :

"You can tok in canto or mandarin to me ok? i dont mind wan."

but still prolly bcoz of his ego OR his inferiority problem, he just refused to tok in chinese to me. So, communication have always been the no.1 barrier between me and Ahbeng.

Now back to the trip hes making to my opis .... he called for direction and i told him which highway to use, how many toll booth he will go thru and what kinda landmarks to look for and all. My last sentence to him is:

"When you arrived at the petrol station, park there and give me a call ok?"

30 minits later, he called me :

Me : Elo ... where are you now?
Ahbeng : Asshole!
Me : HAR??!!! Where are you again???!!!
Ahbeng : Asshole lar!!!
Me : Excuse me?!
Ahbeng : How many time you wanna ask? I said Asshole! you know ASSHOLE anot??!!
Me : Please tell me this is not a joke ok?
Ahbeng : I m not joking wan! I am at ASSHOLE! got Tiger mia Petrol station!!! You asked me to call you when i get here wan!
Me : MCH lu!!! ITS ESSO la!!! not ASSHOLE!!!!
Ahbeng : Thats what I said!!!
Me : Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


  1. lkj..careful..mebbe he wan ur asshole!! kakakaka

  2. muahahahah tat ah beng actually wanna call u ASSHOLE for long long time edi la!!!

  3. lkj be careful...i think that guy wants ur asshole!!

  4. LOL.. He is waiting for you at asshole ar..Fast fast go join him ar. kakaka. As huei said, mayb he wan ur precious asshole

  5. Ehem! Where did you get the inspiration of this asshole thing ah? Kaka! Oh wait, it should be our secret eh? Shhhhhh! *seal mouth*


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