25 April 2007

Ahbeng and The bee

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One day Ahbeng running into a clinic while shouting

Ahbeng : Pain ahhhh!!! Lokter pain ahhhh!!!
Lokter : what happened?
Ahbeng : Kena bite by bee
Lokter : Oh ... bee only izzit? Got allergy anot?
Ahbeng : err ... lokter what is allergy ar?
Lokter : Diu..... nvm! sit down first!
Ahbeng : ok lokter
Lokter : Where izzit?
Ahbeng : Lokter I derno where is the bee wor ... the bee bite me ledi fly away ledi lar!
Lokter : AIYOH!!! I asking Where the bee bite la!!?
Ahbeng : Oh ... the bee bite me under the mangga tree in front of my house ler lokter.
Lokter : MCH! I mean the bee bite which part of your body la!!! I want check la!!
Ahbeng : Oh ... nehh lokter ... bee bite here ... my fingers here ... pain ler lokter
Lokter : Err ... which one?
Ahbeng : err ... Lokter ... dont scold me hor .... but i think all the bee looks the same lor ... how can i tell u which one bite me wan lar??!!!
Lokter : Ahbeng ... you no nid put medicine ledi la!
Ahbeng : Har??? Lokter why lidis wan?
Lokter : You kena too much poison ledi la ... got medicine also kenot cure!
Ahbeng :


  1. is that wut the doktor sed to u the last time u got bitten by a bee?? kakak =P

  2. Is this wat u kena b4?????

  3. Anonymous5:12 pm

    The poison is starting to affect his brain already ..haahaha....

  4. Perhaps ah beng shy shy ler. he kena bite other parts of the body but he dare not tell lokter leh. Then he goan beat around the bush to change topic ler. Keke!


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