8 April 2007


Since most of you guys dont like the new header, I spent my whole Sunday morning making a new one! This time its not gross ok?!!! This time lotsa bloggers mia face also innit!

So, If this time if you say its ugly .. then u gonna kena from lotsa peeple!!!!!

See? I no bruff you wan! I really value your opinion one geh!!!

Somehow .... I think this header is missing it X-Factor la! nvm nvm ..... next week make anoder one!!!

So ... go ahead ... make my day! I mean tell me what you think of the new header la! LOL!

P.S. : Anonymous comments tarak welokam!


  1. i like the previous one wo..

  2. No X factor? Got ler, 5X thimmm.

  3. Ha!Ha! Inside if u see a very 'hor ny' fellow that fellow might be me!!If inside all very handsome & beautifull people then I am not in. He! He! I think this look better.Have a nice day.

  4. wuah! u turned into monyet ledi! or is that ur true image? kekekeke

  5. Same as Shireen, I also like the previous one. This one... I saw my face there! LOL

  6. Anonymous5:54 pm

    Hahhh... ok onli lah.
    But if can see my face, sure damn cun! Hahhhahh!

  7. previous one betta.........

  8. aiyoh... not that this new one ugly ah, but the previous one with the puke more farnie lo...

  9. (sick look!)

    ok ok... thank god change the header... i (run to toilet n puke again!)

    *5 mins later

    i cud not take it leh. now i can enjoy my Kah Heong Kai now (chump, chump! slurp slurp!)

  10. that mah lao is lin peh gah??

  11. Oi Oi..Why you put my face on your template. I don't want my face to be "RUNNING LIGHT"

  12. eh?
    how come you head so hairy wan?

  13. ehh itu picture from 2gather gather blogger gathering punya ka? so fun punya~~ i like the bat leong gam punya heading more lor lol... and this one a bit complicated and distracting ler but oso fun lar kekkekee

  14. woi! kenot see my face wan!

  15. Anonymous12:57 am

    I read from LinPeh's latest post that we are getting HaiLak with this pikture liao u lagi mau show ar!? KaoLak lo!!

    And hoh we like see leng lui ma, but I oli can see one Aunty in the midddddle nia. cheh.

  16. shireen : mch now only u say! why yesday dunwan say?!!!

    5xmom : kakaka mcb u know what is masuk bakul angkat sindiri anot?

    hornyangmoh : tenkiu!

    wuching : that one is gorilla hor!

    kenny ng : u also dint tell me ler!!

    thatjames : u derno hilang pigi mana when ppl take group photos la!

    pookyma : niahma ... now only u say la! yesday dunwan say!

    p_rojak : har also previous one ar ?

    wai kor : niahma u dun drama king la!!

    ckyeo : how u know wan?!!

    nine3nine3 : kakaka u so hansem must put la!

    pisang : har? u mean u derno? some guys mia head memang got hair wan! lol

    canon cat : wuah ... tough crowds ar? die die ...

  17. I also prefer the previous one. Your banner without that main character seems like no have the rojaks feel. hehe

  18. wah, nice gorilla...

  19. Anonymous2:51 am

    wah. why i cannot see my face?!?

    wingz.. i know i sat beside u.. dun cover cover la.. hahaaha....

  20. ya loh! where is my favorite 'bat leong kam' leh? replace the 'xing xing' face with 'bat leong kam' lah!

  21. i like the old one too!!!! cos hor..this one kenot c u!! =P

  22. Anonymous9:57 am

    Wingz, better the change it. The white hair gorilla always remind me of Adnan, Zam and other politikus in the biggest animal show in the country.

    I like the previous one.

  23. Anonymous10:11 am

    I prefer the previous one too. Straight away people viewing your site for the first time will get what it's about.

  24. CILAKAK U CUT MY FACE! I beat small ppl u thenu know!

  25. Anonymous10:26 am

    hahah..any header u put...sure kao farnee to me.....i got wierd sense of humour...kakakakakakak!

  26. oi! pat liong kum your jiu pai lei geh wor!

    how cum become white monkey already wan!!??

  27. Previous one nicer lar.... more funny.

  28. This one lagi like LAN ! Lin Peh one still better ! By the way...those faces u got pay them copyright or not ? LOL!

  29. I prefer your "face" than the gorilla head leh...

  30. Anonymous5:34 pm

    This one gud! Really "many farnee peeples" meet... =)


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