24 April 2007

How to Sell Toothbrush

Once upon a time Linpeh is a toothbrush salesman and a very successful one too! But that is not without lotsa hardwork and creative idea la!

I still remembered he was telling us his experiences as a toothbrush salesman during his first few days on the job.

Linpeh : My1st day as toothbrush salesman I goan walk walk the salak south apartment there, walk whole day only managed to sell 3 batangs toothbrush oni!
Frostier : Fu-Yoh! so cham meh?
Linpeh : Yala ... then i think itu apartment tarak use toothbrush one la, so the next day I got bungalow areas to sell. I walk from door to door and I m correct! I sold more toothbrushs that day. you guess how many toothbrush i sold?
Me : 30 toothbrush?
Frostier : 20 toothbrush?
Linpeh : Wrong! .... 5 only! but at least more than 3 rite? hahaha!
Frostier : Har? Can cari makan meh lidis?
Linpeh : Kenot la! thats why after that i kena tiao by my boss .... he said if i still dun perform he will goreng 9 my "sotongzai"
Me : Wuah ... so fast goreng your "sotongzai" one ka? Then how la?
Linpeh : Then i know i kena do something fast or else i will jiaksai la! Buden i also cleber la ... i came out with a tick that helped me to sell alotsa toothbrush after that.
Frostier : Like how u did it la? tell tell!!!
Linpeh : Lidis one ... i goan setup stall at LRT stesen there, the i give ppl free french fries and free sauce to dip dip.
Me : What? how does that relates to selling toothbrush?
Linpeh : Wait lemme continue 1st ... Then not long after i setup my stall giving free french fries with dip sauce got one Ahpek stop over to try the free french fries. He asked me
Ahpek : You sure its FREE one ar?
Linpeh : Yes yes uncle .. this is free ... come try try!
*Ahpek took a few strands of french fries and dip it into the sauce given by Linpeh and put it all into his mouth*
Ahpek : TLMCH!!! WTF is this??!! this french fries taste like shit!
Linpeh : Yea .. i also think it taste like shit ... so you wanna buy a toothbrush anot? come with free toothpaste also!
Moral of the story ... dont take free food from a toothbrush salesman! .. ar? what u mean wrong?!! no meh? Then I derno what is the moral of the story ledi la!!! LOL!


  1. ha ? wat's the meaning..

  2. moral of the story...don't taste food from anybody!! kakakka =P

  3. your one no moral story 1.
    if u wanna read moral story.. mine one got coffee bean!!! wakakakaka

  4. moral of the story:
    do not trust linpeh word and his product.

  5. moral of the story, lin peh no moral!

  6. LOL~
    Linpeh no moral~

  7. lol...

    eh wait...

    rojaks pinya story got moral one meh??????????

  8. janicepa : mo meaning one!dun hurt your brain wei!!

    huei : erm food is something edible rite?

    frostier : kakaka so u wanna be kofi bin la?!

    pisang : Linpeh mia Olin products dem power!!!!

    ckyeo : mch own sifu also u pijak ka?!

    Aaron : u die la! u luff 9 linpeh!

    Conan cat : eh sometime got one!!! u dun belif u read carefully n see!!

  9. oi! lucky no goreng me!


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