9 April 2007

DRAGON-i Cheras Leisure Mall

They opened a new branch in Cheras Leisure Mall and after reading bout DRAGON-i in a few blogs (with both positive and negative reviews) I thought I should go there and try it out myself.

Lung Dik Chuen Yan Dragon-i

Meal for 2

Siu Long Bao - Little Dragen Dumplings

Meat & Vege Dumplings

War Tip (derno wtf its call in engrish)

We ordered 3 types of dumplings just to see whether they are as good as they claimed anot.

1.] Siu Long Bao (Little Dragon Dumplings) - This arrived 1st ... it was quite a fantastic dish really. Taste were great and the experience of having soup shoot outta your dumplings is priceless. Almost at par with the Shanghai Siu Long Bao.

2.] Meat & Vege Dumplings - Very colorful! Nice presentation! despite the look ... the moment u took a bite you will wonders ... "eh .. why taste like Siu Long Bao wan?"

3.] War Tip - Looks boring ... white white lidat with no presentation at all! Took a bite and "WTF?!! same taste again??!!!"

Verdict : If u wanna order dumplings in DRAGON-i ...... just order one type will do, they all freaking taste the same wan! Thats how innovative they are!

Ngau Lam Lai Meen - Beef tendon noodles

Lai Meen Wantan Tong - Wantan Soup Ramen

Ramen up close


I am a noodle kinda person, I grow up helping my mum selling noodles therefore I m more fond of noodle than rice. I believe there should be different kinda noodle to accompany different kinda dish, not only different texture but also different kinda taste and spices too.

1.] Ngau Lam Lai Meen (Beef tendon noodles) - The Ngau Lam is nice and tender, kinda tasty too but nothing outa the ordinary and The Noodle is totally =.="" (sweating/lauhon/berpeluh) ... the noodle is tasteless (felt like chewing on wet tissue paper when u eating it), no texture (not springy, too soft) totally koyaked! The soup ... sigh*

2.] Ramen Wantan Soup Noodle - Wantan taste like Siu Long Bao which taste like War Tip whiche also tasted like Meat Vege Dumplings. Soup is tasteless, noodle is not up to expectations, its the same noodle as the one they used in Ngau Lam Meen (elo? if i paid RM18 bucks for a bowl of Ramen wantan noodle, I should expect alot rite?) Overall .... I really wished i never paid RM18 for a bowl of Wantan meen here!

Verdict : Forget bout noodle ok? Dont even think bout it .... you should just go for rice dishes instead!


  1. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Thanks for the info, that day I look from outside saw many people and their dishes and noodles looks really nice (the color) - but wouldn't try it now. I can get a nice bowl of wantan mee with $3.50.

  2. Wah, and Dragon-i looks so must-have-manyak-duit-to-go-eat place somore. cheh.

  3. who u went with?? WHO!?!?WHO!?!?!!?

    y no tapau siu long bao for me???

  4. Lol... i think i'll go there just to order the siu long bao. there's one very near my college (centerpoint) and i never had the guts to walk in. now i see ur post liao i'm convinced...

    just go and eat the darn siu long bao and that's IT.

  5. Hey, I went there last month and I regretted eating there. The only thing special is the siu mai with water in it...
    Other than that, everything haihz..nothing to say

  6. Anonymous9:19 pm

    ei u din try the hot ans spicy ramen damn good..IM SERIOUS
    sichuan style..
    plus the bambooshoot really nice

  7. Anonymous11:28 pm

    gosh... i feel so hungry after seeing the food. Where is my chopstick?

  8. eh wen you becum
    jalan jalan cari makan host?

  9. Anonymous8:30 am

    that's the end product of commercialization.

  10. Anonymous9:37 am

    Ngau Lam is cow tummy not tendon, tendon is ngau kan..

  11. huei ah, siu long bao u sendiri also have wat. no need tapao la >:)

    i still prefer Suatou Lane asam laksa. muhahahahhaa...

  12. Anonymous10:38 am

    Wah, mr. MCA lengchai, next time u bring me there ah. :)) Looks yummy!

  13. Anonymous1:08 am

    they got the best siu loong pau. I love their paus! yummies.. *hearts!!!

  14. oh yes... their pao2 taste more or less the same especially Siu Long Pau n Beijing sui gau (or something lah).

    those who love to suck juices can always go for the siu long bao.

  15. Anonymous9:42 am

    I went there once, regretted, expensive tasteless, small serving, please never go there.

  16. Never ever go to this restorent, is damn expensive and food is tasteless and come with small serving. Regretted. Been there only once and kena hentam for 80+ for 2 person. Is not worth it


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