1 August 2005


11am, heading to office driving thru Tmn.Connaught Cheras to get to work, buden suddenly cars around me stated slowing down ... that time I m at the opposite site of this BB restoran. That time I thot in front got Polis bikin Road Block.

In the jam i move abit by abit mana tau skali i look to the left den only I realised what happened. A lorry just crashed into the rear of anoder lorry! by the time i pass by the crushed lorry, its engine still running. I saw a few guys trying to climbs into the drivers seat to switch off the engine, in haste i managed to snap this pic below.

It makes you think, if a MIGHTY lorry can end up lidis ... what if its a small car like mine ??? ...... drive carefully ok ? its not worth to die on the road and just add on to the road accident statistic.


  1. Be wise! Think of your loved ones. The moment u step on d pedal, life is at stake.

  2. i tak buleh nampak any peekture oso?

  3. fulamak i see it now!

  4. Anonymous3:01 pm

    wow...truck also so siong....if car cannot imagine man......what did it hit anyway? an elephant?

  5. Anonymous3:34 pm

    eh wingz, what small car you drive lah?

  6. Hui u sambil driving sambil taking pic ya??? so Sai Leh meh??

  7. wah lau *salute* u can tahan the stupid jam in Tmn Connaught ah? *salute again*

  8. Anonymous9:48 pm

    Hey ... snapping photos while driving isn't exactly safe driving :P

  9. Fuwah... terror!!!!

  10. dizzy : wuah so chim one lu today

    kiasi : yar around there ler on the way to kajang highway

    butt : sabar la sikit

    8dee : lori hantam lori

    simmie : i ride SLK (small little kancil) lol

    LocKee : phone cam ler ... main tembak oni ... i wasnt even looking at what i am shooting

    jojo : I wasnt looking at the cam also ... just point n shoot ... i also dunno can get any pic anot lol

    willwolf : i go work in kajang, opposite direction of the trahpik i think, sommo i normally go out around 10-11am, that time dem clear the road.

    toxicle : i know, its only dangerous if you were not paying attention to the road, in this case i wasnt paying any attention to the camera furthermore its damn jam so i took calculated risk and i know its very safe :P

    kstang : lu lagi terror! u climb on top of the penang bridge to take pic of the polisman hiding lol!

  11. Wei, Wingz, Joe now got halo on his head liao, you dunno meh?

    And then hor, you think you are a reporter ah? Same with kaynuikia.


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