7 August 2005


Last Friday happy hour at a pub in da city, with Andy & Lee :

Andy : Eh why today u so diam one ar ?
Me : I got pobem la .... I dem confused now
Lee : Family pobem ar ?
Me : nope
Andy : $ pobem ?
Me : Nope
Lee : woman pobem ?
Me : Not that too
Andy : Then ??
Me : lemme hantam more beer first la, i high edi will tell u all wan.
Lee : MCH!! wanna tipu free beer say so la !!!
Lee : Lenglui ... yart tah Carlsberg! [pretty, gimma 12 botols Carlsberg]
Andy : MCH lu Lee ... pasal kepoh only suma boleh ar lu ... i dunno ah! i m not paying for this!
Lee : MCH!!! as if you dun wanna know la!
Andy : I want but not as despo as you are
Lee : u diam diam n wait for him to get high la ... dun tok somuch! today I pau suma ok ?

* 20 mins later when i m high enuff *

Me : ok guys ... i wanna ask u both har ...... will you think of me differently or boycott me if i tell you Im not the same guy animore ?
Lee : Andy he really mabuk edi .... wtf he toking now ?
Me : I not yet mabok la! I tell you la .... i think hor ....
Andy : What ??? you think what ler ? tell us la!
Me : I think I m lesbian ler .........
Lee & Andy : *dumbfarkED*
Lee : WTF! where got man jadi lesbian one ? worst worst you also turn gay! like that SW guy
Me : why knot ??!!
Andy : lu mabuk la! lu mau minum free say so la !!! no nid tipu us wan!
Me : MCH!!! i am telling u the truth!!!
Me : I just read a book toking bout lesbian one ... and i really kena chun chun the descriptions of a lesbian ler!

Lee: How how ???!!! faster tell!
Me : you remembered last time i got tell you both bout my dreams of me being a woman but stuck in a man's body ?
Andy : And ?
Me : and the fact that i loves girls is beyond any doubt .... if i m really a woman trapped in a man's body and i loves woman ALOT, then .... doesnt that makes me a lesbian ???
Andy & Lee : DumbfarkED again*

Lee : Yahor .. it starting to make sense now .... in every man there is a woman, u know lar the xx-xy-yy-yx chromosome thingy we learnt from skool. So if we love a woman, that means we did not love them as a wholely man! part of us are woman!!! OMFG!! i felt so disgusting right now !!! Im a farking Lesbian too!!!!

Andy : Alamak !!! no wonder just now i go kencing .... like usual i hold my "john" then sardenlee im getting erection ... then i got this strange feeling ...... i think its the woman part of me is holding my "John" la!! no wonder kena erection la!!! KNN!!! MCH !!!

Me : SEE ??? I told you we are all lesbian ! aiyo nvm la! dont think so much! come come Yum sing la !!! CHEERS LA!!!

That was the story of how i discovered how easy it is to con for free beer in KL LMAO! I pray & hope both Andy and Lee do not read blog HAHAHA!!!


  1. Anonymous1:29 am

    like dat oso ken? next time use what story? :P

  2. MCH..like dat aso can ar.U r lucky ur fren is good..if u r with my fren, u r going to regret.they sure talk bout it for at least 5yrs on 'U R LESBIAN' w/o hearing ur story..

    And u'll nvr hv a chance to explain :>

  3. Like that also can?
    Next time i wanna con for free milkshakes...

  4. "i think its the woman part of me is holding my "John" la!! no wonder kena erection la"
    I like this part. Bwahahahhahahahhhahaha!!

  5. wahliaoz. so if you're bi, lidat can get twice as many beers? lolz. aiyar. i don't like beer lar. me like wine better. can ar?

  6. i have a dream you know. if one day i become a woman hah, the first thing i do is to get screwed. always wondering how a woman feel when she gets screwed. donno got same feeling as a man or not hor?

  7. ccb! no wander i'm starting to like you! wei i scared wei! i'm pure man, and you're woman la! how!?

  8. Anonymous12:16 pm

    chiiiiiiiii mui!!!


  9. Anonymous12:58 pm

    hauhauha, I think I am lesbian too. But I will explain why when I got drunk. :p

  10. hope my friends dont read this then i can 'con' for free beer liow kekekek

    chun boh, like that also can ah?


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