5 August 2005

Tung Jue Yao BLOGATHON, Yeow Sik Yart Thin ... Ming Thin Cheng Jou !!

Translation of the title [owner of the blog got BLOGATHON, off for one day, tomlo kambek again tenkiu]

Taika hou!
(everybody good)

Ngo Kam yat hou larn chat mm duck han, sor yee kam yart ngo mow post entry ger lah! ming thin farn loi lar.
(Me today very farking not free, so i dont think they will be any enry today! kambek tomlo la)

Yarn wai leong bin geh charity blogathon dow cheng ngo jow guest blogger
(Becoz I have been invited to be the guest blogger for 2 blogathons)

Sor yee ngo mm duck harn diu lei dei
(so, i fuck u all no free)

Ngo yart ting yiu pong hui dei, yarn wai ngo geh jung jee (middle finger) jau hai "YARN YARN WAI NGO! NGO WAI YARN YARN!"
(I want to help them bcoz one of my principle are "PEE-PLS FOR ME, ME FOR PEE-PLES")

Sor Yi, Yee Kuoh lei dei yau chin, cheng kuen bei hui dei lar!
(So, if you got marney, please pledge/donate some money to them la)

Toh jeh sai


  1. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Today is the first day my reading speed dropped from the max scale of 10 to 1 =P It took me dunno how many seconds to read one line of your worded canto =P

  2. wah. ngor jan hai yeu bong nei dei, bat kor, ngor yee kar mou cheen leh.

    wah. i really want to help you fuckers, but i'm broke as a fucking machine in an old folk's home.

  3. woah shit, took me loads of time to get the whole sentence straight without those english subtitles

  4. wah...look like many ppl here cant read ur cantonese blog..they need to take tuition class at XXX.blogspot.(the XXX not suitable to post here.)

    then u shud put more energy for it..

  5. wah your kam cheng with the people veli good hor?


  6. diu nei lah, nei lam chee nei hai siong tai meh? Ngo wai yarn yarn.
    Wai chee kei sinlah.

  7. Wingz auto cast slow on readers reading this post.

    Agi Down!! Speed Decrease!!


    you so keng meh?
    ren ren wei wo, wo wei ren ren?

    though i dont quite understand canto, but at least i got some ideas


  8. hoho.. 1for all..all for1 (hou gui hou gui!).. lou lik ga yao!same as quicksilverlining.. ngo dei jing san siong ji chi nei.. ^^


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