11 August 2005

My Anti Haze Campaign

In support with Haze Haters In KL campaign, this is my Anti Haze Message :

Channel New Asia reported that Our gomen declare a state of emergency ledi due to our stupid neighbour! SEE!! this is what you get for staying next to idiots! LINK to the news here


  1. KC : seriously i only photoshop the bakground, I really have the mask and the message was printed on out a piece of paper.

  2. knn.. i dont even have a mask. can share ka, bos?

  3. I oso want le. Can play dress up summore. Put on cape, goggle and cape to become Darth Hazer. LOL

  4. hehe. we should threaten to buy huge huge spray fans like they have at those al fresco cafes, and blow back towards indonesia. that way we can spray mud back at them. mwahahahah.

    eh, i mau tanya, apasal my gf punye blog you link tapi i punye blog you tadak link?

  5. you fog them better for them what. no more aedes. actually we must thank them lah, now got no mosquitoes.

  6. Butt : u want mask ka ? come come i use artline to draw on your face lol

    willwolf : taukeh i dunno u got darth vader fetish one kakakaka ... no wonder he sound like hes moaning everytime he tok kakakaka

    vynn : kakaka i like your finger!

    quiksilver : just bomb 9 them enuff edi la! ... eh ur gf is who ar ? Actulee i m in the midst of thinking whether to get my own domain or to renovate the layout. itu pasal i long time no update the links edi

    ahpek : ahpek if i no fog them then i fog u can ar ? KAKAKAKA!

  7. Brader, if u get your own domain then cannot simply write stuff wor. In blogspot can write whatever u wan and garmen cannot do anything but sekali u got your own domain, located here summore, then cannot simply tembak lor. That's what I think la. Dunno wright or long la.

  8. Anonymous9:41 pm

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