12 August 2005

Air Purifiers / Ionizers for the Hazey Days

After the 2 reviews I did on my blog, I got an email from a reader of mine asking me whether I am willing to help him to review a few of his products which are mainly air ionizers.

I dont think I am really "in a position" to reviews stuffs officially, but he did ask for help and he insist on sending me samples for my evaluation I thought no harm trying right ? Therefore this is not a review but an opinion of a user and what I think of the products.

The samples arrived in my opis on Monday, hand delivered. It came in a huge box! I opened it up and found 4 products inside, namely VC888 Desktop Ionizer/Ozonizer, VC799 Ionizer/Ozonizer, VC88 car Ionizer/Ozonizer and VC288 personal Ionizer.

1. VC388 Ionizer / Ozonizer with disposable HEPA filter and Air fresherning function

VC888 on the floor in the front office.

Aerosol cans for the air freshening HEPA filter on the other side

Monday, we alredy got haze coming into the front office from the main entrance, my girls is already complaining that their eyeballs is burning and they cant open their eyes. The first thing we did when we open the box was plug this unit into the socket and blast it at Max speed. Within 30 minutes all the haze were gone from the office, everything back to normal.

Pros :
1. Nice Ergonomic Designs
2. Lotsa Features :-
a] Operation Mode : Manual, Auto, 2 hours or 4 hours
b] Functions : choose between ionizer mode or ozonizer mode
c] Fan Speed : 3 level of wind speed to choose from
d] Air freshener function.
3. Attractive Bright VFD Display
4. 4 layers Hepa Filter with activated carbon which claimed to be 99.7% effective.
5. Quiet while operating under low speed
6. Effective even in large aea, the filters works in getting rid of the haze/smog we are facing in our country now. My office is now smog/haze/smells free!

Cons :
1. Kinda Bulky and you cant bring it everywhere you go.
2. Lack of remote control
3. Noisy when running in high speed mode.
4. I dont know how much it cost, that fler dunwan tell me lol!
5. HEPA Cartridge is not washable.
6. The cord is kinda short

2. VC788 Ionizer / Ozonizer with disposable HEPA filter

VC788 on my desk

Just to show you how good is the filter, the one of the left is brand new filter and the one on your right, thats 5 days old. Thats how dirty our air is! SCARY SHIT!

Pros :
1. Cute Design - small footprint, able to fit on any desk without much problem
2. LCD screen [backlite] with time, date and room temperature display
3. Features :
a] Operation Mode : Manual, Auto, 2 hours or 4 hours
b] Functions : choose between ionizer mode or ozonizer mode
c] Battery operated but only for the calendar, date and temperature feature only, Ionizer and ozonizer cant be activated while using batteries.
4. Superbly quiet.
5. 4 layers Hepa Filter with activated carbon which claimed to be 99.7% effective.
6. Effective in smaller area such as a room, it uses the filters to get rid of the haze/smog we are facing in our country now. I am using it in my room now.

Cons :
1. Cant choose fan speed
2. LCD backlight only will be activated when a button is pressed and only stay lighted for 10 seconds before it automatically goes off.
3. Lack of remote control
4. Ions/Ozones exit window panel could be further improve for better ventilation.
5. Access to the Hepa filter isnt not that user freindly.

3. VC88 Car Ionizer / Ozonizer

I got this into my car monday evening, on the way to fetch Mrs Wingz, I was on the phone with her in the afternoon where shes complaining about how irritating her nose was but 5 minutes in the car she already felt the differences. It really works ... to prove my point i opened the windows and drive around for 5 minutes lidat. Then close the windows i can smell the burning fumes. After about 10 minutes later all the fumes is gone.... not bad for a little ionizer i must say.

Pros :
1. Nice & sturdy design
2. Easy to operate.
3. Suprisingly effective compares to its size.
4. Come with Fragrance but I was advise against using that, coz according to him if the fragrance leaked out, it will melt your dashboard. Prolly due to some chemical they are using in producing the fragrance.
5. Cord to the ciggy socket is included

1. Does not come with HEPA filter.
2. Cant use the Freshening features.
3. The cord provided are kinda too long for my car.
4. The foorprint is a lil bit too big for smaller cars (eg. like my small little kernchill)

3. VC288 Personal Ionizer

It looks cute, I gave it to Mrs Wingz to try it out and this is what she thinks.

Pros :

1. Its something I myself never seen before! I totally like the idea of having a personal ionizer hanging around my neck to clean the air around me!
2. Nicely Design, it looks like some kinda cool MP3 player that you can hang around your neck lol!
3. Battery operated
4. Color LED indicator
5. Lightweight
6. Neck Band included
7. On-Off switch
8. Suitable for those who expose themself to extremely dusty kinda enviroment I guess.

Cons :
1. Short battery life - continous run for 8 hours only.
2. Very sensitive On-Off switch
3. I really doubt the effectiveness of this unit. Furthermore in the open air you wont be able to get enuff concentration of ions to effectively get rid of the dust/smokes around you. Unless you stand at one spot for a period of time la lol!


  1. umm....i wanna buy 1.
    which one is better? The square wan or the R2D2 look-alike ???? Can ask de fler gimme discount??

  2. OMG! Vibrators review???! Solly, eyes not belly good, hazy blur blur

  3. my office already using air purifier/ioniser from 3 weeks ago. not because of haze or what lah. because sometime our office we eat durians or crab, got smell, so need something to drive the smell away. haha. also to give nice fresh smell to the office environment. so not interested.

    how about doing a review of masks? there are many different types (like i mentioned to sashi) and hey, soon, we in penang kena wear masks... i think.

  4. patutlah you say you sell ionisers! the car punya looks nice, maybe get for my "warrior" car. can get free sample ar? hehehe

  5. Anonymous4:56 pm

    HEPA filter is difficult to source. I've bought a powerful air filter+ioniser 5 years ago, changing the filter is a costly pratice to me, the OEM filter cost ~RM300.
    And $$$ will make you creative, I found other source to replace the OEM filter, though it does not fit "perfectly" but it works. :)

    Actually ioniser doesn't work well unless it is a 50sq feet room.

  6. Anonymous5:02 pm

    did you get to keep everything?

  7. mch review ka!!11!!1!

  8. Lei hou ku wak leh.

  9. Fashionasia : eh i ask that boss n see , I also wanna buy one for home use but he dunwan quote me ler. Wait later tonite i tell him got ppl wanna buy n see what is his response lol

    mahagurusia : lahbun lar lu !! fast fast goan buy air purifier la~

    lucia : eh ... ape not interested pulak ler ... i m not selling i m only giving review/opinion lol! mask ka ? i got one canggih mask but nobody ask me to review also lol!

    belecan korkor : i no sell ler ... i tok cock oni in ur blog lol ... this one belongs to one of my reader mia

    moo : i dunno how much is the HEPA replacement also lemme ask him tonite n see he wanna tell me anot lol ... i think u make mistake ler ... 50sq ft mia room very small only ler ... 5' x 10' = 50sq ft. u mean 500 sq izzit ?

    simmie : i hope so too! but i too shy to ask LOL! lets hope hes reading this ok ? LMAO!

    butt : kakaka jom lar review lagi!

    5xmom : huh ? err ... why ku wak jek ? aiyo u dun lar spoil my repu ler ... maybe nx time got lotsa ppl will pay me to review their stuffs leh ... now its free lar of coz ... anyone got stuffs to review ? send to me ok ? email me for my postal address :P

  10. wa... this time so serious ya, seling things here :>

    you got ping pps boh? nanti they say u Comecial Blog ohh!!!!

  11. lockee : MCH!!! dun wart 9 meeee!!! i where got sell anything ??? you got read anot one lerr

  12. Oi, lanciau, wanna review used bras or not? See can still use as mask or not? Go ask Lucia gives you.


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