16 August 2005

Once Upon a Time In China - Chinese Poem West Lake - Hangzhou

A few years ago, I joined a China 7 days 8 nites Tour package together with Dabren. It was in October, we travelled from Shanghai till Nanjing ( i think) and along the way we stopped over in like 7 others cities one of them is Hangzhou and its legendary West Lake ( Sai Woo - in Canto). This West Lake is well known for its beauty landscape and astounding nature captivating every soul that past this way. West Lake also plays a part in China's history as this lake has been mentioned over and over again in Ancient China's history.

Lee is the only male tour guide we meet on this China Tour Package of ours, he is in charge of our well being while we are in Hangzhao, he is a funny guy with lotsa tales to tell, one of the highlight of the trip was the boat/ferry ride across the West Lake. It was drizzling that day so most of us stay inside the ferry to avoid getting soaking wet and its also kinda cold in October. Lee were sitting right next to us and he decides to strike up a conversation with us.

This is the ferry/boat that bring us across the West Lake

Lee : How ? West Lake nice anot ? (in mandarin)
Dabren : What is he asking ?
Me : Honey, Lee is asking you, how is the scenery ?
Me : Lee she dun understand Mandarin, can you speak in canto ?
Lee : Sorry only a little bit, you mean Malaysia chinese cant speaks Mandarin ?
Me : Some of us can, but those from National skool mostly cant.
Lee : you from chinese skool ?
Me : nope, I cant read but i can speak.
Lee : HAHA! thats funny! just like banana man
Me : wuah ... dun say me banana man hor ... even tho i knot read chinese but my knowledge about chinese literature anytime can be better than you one hor!
Lee : Sure anot !!! I want to test you!
Me : Let your horse kam!!! ---> (I accept your challenge)
Lee : ok! chinese got 4 big element to test a scholar, what izzit ?
Me : Kam, Kei, She, Wah ( piano, chess, books, paintings - direct translation la)
Lee : wuah can wor! ok lemme test you on "She" (books) sonce we dont have anything to test the other 3 elements.
Me : ok ... kam kam let your horse kam.
Lee : err ... since we are on West Lake, i want you to make a poem using West Lake or its surrounding as the subject.
Me : wuahh .... u play me ar ??? .... wait wait gimme 5 minits to think !
Lee : ok ok i give u time

*5 minutes later*

Me : Ok i got it!
Lee : ok let your horse kam!
Me : hear this ok!

This is a Canto Poem, pls read in canto pronounciation -

*Fung Chui Lau CheePai Yew Pai*
*Cheepai, Cheepai, CheeCheePai*

*Lee - dumbfucked for a few secs trying to process my poem, den he suddenly stand up and said*

Lee : HOU!!! HOU!!! HOU SEE!!! HOU SEE!!!! ---> canto also

Any of you knows what the poem means ? Do you have what it takes to come out with the correct answer ?? I mean if you are cina and you know lotsa cina history n stuffs then you shud be able to come out with the actual meaning rite ?

Correct answers will get one year free subscriptions to http://rojaks.blogspot.com !!!! HAHAHA!!! C'mon keep your answer kambing !!!!!!

Answer will be announce tomlo and winners will be notified by pos-very-laju and also we will put big big advertisement in the newspepah "THE SON"

*NOTE : This contest is not applicable to forumers in Dr.liew.net & their families bcoz they alredi know the answer!


  1. Hmm..i know wat u mean coz i aso got 1 for males. my fren teach me wen v ride bike to go yumca at midnite.. tell u nex time

  2. I know! it means,
    the wind blow the old chee bai.
    the chee bai shake high high!
    Hahaha!!!! GIVE ME MY PRIZE!!

  3. cibai! so fast disqualify me already, dius! hehehe

  4. young brat : i dun understend your answer lerr ....

    ahpek : WRONG!!!!

    belacan : kakakakaka

    KNN!! my kontes tarak olangs sapot wan !!! MCH!!! 3 contestant only !!!!

  5. Anonymous1:06 pm

    no idea worrr wingz...my guess is that it's something humsup!

  6. Anonymous4:23 pm

    *NOTE : This contest is not applicable to forumers in Dr.liew.net & their families bcoz they alredi know the answer!

    sialz... i just only wanna show off.

  7. hah? wrong meh? i try again can ah?

    fung chui lau chee pai means,
    wind blow the old chee bai
    yew pai means,
    shake here shake there.
    ooooh. i know already..
    wind blow the old chee bai,
    the chee bai shake here shake there
    chee bai shake, chee bai shake chee bai chee bai shake.

    naah. .. GIVE ME MY PRIZE NOW!

  8. Anonymous6:55 pm

    HUH???? u all cakap apa?? apasal wa seorang pun tak faham?? apadia?? yoh...wat cheebai? just give the answer! watu mean?

  9. Anonymous11:01 pm

    wind blow the old ferry and shake shake it

    coz of all the cheebye in the ferry,the ferry turn into cheebye


    aiya its not a poem actually la,u were just crapping la,but mana tahu that tour guide wanna pretend that he knows,so he says its a good poem!

  10. Anonymous8:36 pm

    How come the saying I read on Lilian's page sound like the answer to your poem wan? =P

  11. oh wat i mean is I aso got a poem same to urs.


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