27 August 2005

Push-ups, Resham & Kumar and My Skooling Days

Resham and Kumar is both my ex classmate in form four, both of them are well known of being the teacher's pet and coincidently both of them are also not very the man enuff. What i mean by this ? lets just say the are abit more lemah lembut than a normal guy. :P (MCH! 1 week no blog only my MANGLISH hilang ledi!!! KNOT!!! must type in manglish back!)

why i say lemah lembut ? bcoz i dunwan to use the word "Ahkua" or else i might risk being sue, who knows maybe they are reading my blog also right ? lol!

One day during our PE class, itu cilaka mia Cikgu Yusni ask us to do push-ups lagi! MCH! that pundek guy love to torture us one! got one time he asked us to jalan Itik n cium pokok .... mch buden again that is a different sory altogether.

Today I wanna tell you about Resham and Kumar, that day when Cikgu Yusni (our PE instructor) asked us to do push up they were there also, normally they will find excuses to dissapear from PE class but dunno what happen that day they were actulee there!

we were asked to do 20 push-ups, everyone were ask to stop their push ups at around 5 counts. Cikgu Yusni ask everyone to gather around and then he asked Resham and Kumar to do their push up in front of us. Both of them obeyed and get into their position waiting for Cikgu Yusni to count to 3 before they start.

"1..2..3.. start!" shout Cikgu Yusni and they start to do their push ups when they are up to 3 counts everyone started luffing like mad donkey high on ketamine lidat! why ? lemme show u how they do push up ok ? refer to the pikchures below for futher illustrations.

Before i show you how Resham and Kumar do their Push Ups, let us see how is the proper way to do push-ups.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This is the proper way to do push-up:
1. Straighten your arms as you push your body up off the floor.
2. Keep the back straight, then lower the body to the floor. Bending the arms and keeping the body straight.
3. Lower the body till your chest touch the floor.


They do push ups with their bekside!!! only the bekside is moving up n down like ppl "ush ush" (farking) lidat.
* soli i cant find any pictures of a male doing push ups that would best decribes the way they do push-ups. Resham and Kumar are both male ok ?

Cikgu Yusni try his very best to get them to do it correctly but everytime they ended up lidat oso. Cikgu Yusni were pissed so he asked them to stop and this is roughly what he said :

Cikgu Yusni : Kau berdua ini "pumping" ke buat benda lain nih ? Sakit kepala aku kau berdua bikin. Oleh krena kau orang tak bleh buat exercise olang laki jadi aku bagi kau olang exercise budak pompuan la. Kau berdua nampak tompok rumput dekat tiang gol itu tak ?
Resham & Kumar : Nampak Cikgu
Cikgu Yusni : Aku nak kau olang berdua pergi saner kira itu rumput, 10 batangs kau ikat satu, kira samapai habis !!

We were luffing so hard that day we have no power left to do any exercise, all of use together with Cikgu Yusni sit beneath a big tree and watch them KIRA RUMPUT !!!! KAKAKAKAKA!!!! OMFG!!!!

This is still the topic being repeated over and over again everytime we have our reunion and everybody still luffing like how we did on the day it happened. Skool days were really the best days of my life! *sigh*


  1. Yeah lor. School days still da best. *Sigh* Come come. Let's go kira how many hot chicks in Mid Valley instead la.

  2. well, at least they not that the ahkua, leh. still can do the male doggie role, lolz. and about school, i'm barely out of it, don't want to remember somethings, can?

  3. ROTF..haha...ya.like quicksilverlining said, at least the do the male role ma.. lucky my school and class dun hv this kind of ppl..if not, kecoh 1 whole skol.


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