1 August 2005

You Are Definitely a Computer Geek If You Do This Kinda Stuffs .....

When your kids ask you where they came from and you are just looking for an easy way out, tell them you downloaded them from the internet! LOL! willwolf now you know what to tell your kids next time la ?

Now you know why so many elderly folks is learning to use the pc to send emails, MSN, ICQ, Skype & Yahoo Messenger. I guess in a few years time I would prolly send a message to my son upstairs in his room asking him to switch off his pc and come down to take his dinner with us. lol

In the near future there wont be anymore boring dull name like John, Gary or Raymond. All kids will have cool name like MP3 Lee, JPEG Yap, VCD Ho, DVD Chiew, CDRW Tan, DVDRW Toh, BITORRENT Chan, GOOGLE Wong, YAHOO Wee, Blog Lam, PPS Chong etc ...

Yes! time will come where you can email to everybody, even to your unborn baby still in the womb. You can even download encyclopedia or other stuffs that you want him to learn while hes still in the womb. Lets face it, 9 months with nothing to do? Whats better time to study other than this one ? when hes born he knows everything edi can start earning money! LOL!

That is actually a good idea! you know lar, how many usernames and passwords we all got till sometimes you dunno which is which. Keeping them nicely between your toes is actually a good idea! other than that i cant think of anyway you can utilise that space.

Time will come when the computer will choose its user, if you are too slow they will refuse to work bcoz they felt that you are disgracing them with that kinda speed and intelligence, so you kena upgrade your brain 1st before they would allow you to touch "IT" again lol!

Dont we all hope we can keep in touch with those we missed dearly thru email too??

Yes you may not wanna admit it but its true, lotsa ppls are too engrossed into their internet life till they neglected their spouses/ families, in order to get their attention their wife will hafta ask fragrance company like CD, Laurel etc .. to come out with a fragrance that will makes them smells like a computer! lol ... wait a min .. computer got smell one meh ? I bet 5xdad need this kinda perfume to keep his 5xmom away from the pc! LOL!

Alamak!!! I m totally guilty of this, i put my son's pic on my desktop so i can look at him more often than i wish i could .... damn i dint know its an excuse i use to redeem myself for not being able to spend more time with him .... ok thats it, i m gonna turn my pc off and go tuck him to sleep now!

Adios Amigos!


  1. MCB, use my name must pay money wan lor.

    BTW, what's with you and serigala ha? You two so chummy oni, he blog you, you blog him. Is it you two know each other before or you know from my blog? I want to claim credit mah.

  2. oppss..u have wake me up frm the 'computer syndrome'. I think i need to go to 'Pusat Pemulihan Komputer' soon.

    I have some of the symptoms shown ald.

  3. gua tadak mau anak. itu girlfriend manyak kecewa lor, lolz.

  4. that last wan. GUILTY! bwahahahaha!

  5. Wingz : LOL. no need la. I just tell them about real biology wan. I still got operation photo mah. if they want to learn more then i tell them to download lor.

    Lilian : Ok la. Give credit 2 u for calling us gila. Both of us sama-sama geng mah. Expanding membership liao. Ada Buaya, ada ah pek, dan lain2. LOL

  6. hehehe.... wonders of modern tech.


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