13 August 2005

Face Anal-Lazer! Before and After

*NOTE : This is a Re-post from Blogathon Entry last week

I wanna share my Sexperiences experience with a program called FACE-ANAL-LICKER with everibodi, lately alotsa peeples also goan try this unique program so I also dun wanna be left out. I wanna see which celebrity looks like ME LMAO!!

I go there then they said upload my pikchures, so I follow la … click click click kautim! Click on “SUBMIT”

Wait … wait … waited …. “tap tap tap” fingers drumming on table … after 1 full minit viola! Result is out!!!

Wah lau eh !!! MCH!! Say me 100% Southern European !!!! I m 101% Cina Ahpek Tulin ok !!! All my stats also AVERAGE ONLY !!!! diuuu !!!! Very the most obviously definitely absolutely tehlibel part is the program says I looks like Bart Leong Gum !!!!!

You say lar !!! I where got looks so fugly like Bart Leong ???!!! I more lengjai ok?!! Everytime I go shopping buy groceries peeples at Jusco said Jackie Cheung looks like me one !!! This is insult I tell you!!! I very the

TULAN after seing that FACE-ANAL-LICKER mia result …. Got smokes kambing out from my lobang hidung edi.

At this time hor sardenlee suanie (from suanie.net) message me, asking me to pledge to their blogathon. Being the AhPek I am, I asked her

Me : “apetu pledge ar ?”
Suanie : er … fark u lar pledge also dunno meh ?
Me : sounds like porn to me
Suanie : WTF??!!! Pledge is like donate la !!! sapot our effort! Pledge for us! Pledge for blogathon!
Me : ohh!!! Donate izzit ? dew .. say lar donate !!! ok ok minimum kena gibe how much wan ?
Suanie : minimum is US$5 bucks
Me : Wah lau eh! Aunty, now donate also kena use USD ka ? RM boh laku ledi izzit ?
Suanie : No lar !!! you can use equivalent amount in RM to donate also lar!
Me : If I wanna donate RM50 then how much I should put in US$ ?
Suanie : lebih korang US$ 14 itu majiam la
Me : ok la I pledge lu US$ 14 la !! wah seh 1st time I use Amalika doller man !!!
Suanie : eh lu go to the blogathon site to register your pledged amount ok ?
Me : Yes aunty!

So, I go there fill out the form and pledged USD14 and pless “SUBMIT” button again la, the “SUBMIT” button reminds me of the FACE-ANAL-LICKER program … I still boh song the result kam out lidat one. Unsatisfied I goan try again … repeat the same process .. upload my pic and pless “SUBMIT”…. To my surprise this time result kam out different one leh !!!! you don’t belif you goan see for yourself la!

I got my identeetee back ledi !!! as 100% Cina AhPek Tulin !!!! LOOK at my STATS!!! All perfect man !!!! just the way it should be !!! I always knew I am perfect! *winks* and yes! The program is right this time! Jackie Cheung really looks like me !!!! confirmed !!!! this results is very satisfactory !!!! I like it !!!!

Then only I realized, this program only works after you done a good deed ler …. After I pledge edi my result all come out correctly compares to before I pledge! SERIOUS SHIT !!! if you guys dun belif me you try yourself la! … 1st befoh you pledge you goan upload your pic at the FACE-ANAL-LICKER site, copy down the results, then go pledge at blogathon site! (minimum US$ 5.00 ok? Dun be so kiamsiap! Charity mah!) then after that u goan upload your pick at FACE-ANAL-LICKER site again. SURE got different one!!! Caya sama gua !!!

P.S. : If no diff. then must be something wrong with the program lerr … not my fault ok ? goan tembak the programmer LMAO!!!


  1. Oi, ini recycle mya post, not counted. You double ping pps - against the law!

  2. *swoon swoon* :)~~~~~~~


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