11 August 2005

Haze and Police - Great Combination of Excuse.

Warning : Long boring Post Ahead!

I went straight to Kota Kamuning right after work, a friend of mine came down from KK since last week but I havent got any time to met her yet. Shes leaving today and a bunch of our friends wanna give her a nice farewell dinner. We are suppose to have dinner there but due to the haze the venue were changed from an open air restaurant to a air conditioned one.

Nothing special bout dinner except tok kok, sing song kinda event. Nobody got drunk and I offered to send Michelle (the girl from KK) to the airport (such a nice guy I am) we arrive at the airport around 9:30pm drop Michelle off and I headed back home.

I was kinda worn out and the long straight road from KLIA back to KL wasnt really helping either. Outta sudden my rear got tiongED by anoder CLK (Cute Little Kernchill). I thot to myself "wuah sial! how can a CLK tiong my SLK (Small Little Kernchill)"

Abuden I straight floor the pedal and try to distant him abit lar ...... i got a bit to the front but within seconds this CLK caught up with me! then for at least half an hour both our CLK n SLK were engagging in a high speed cat and dog chase. I cant shake him off and he cant shake me off either.

Unfortunately for us both, today got road block. Both CLK and SLK also kena flag down by the polis. I manage to stop safely by the road side wind down my window, kill my engine and wait for the police officer to approach me. I can see one of the officer is walking towards my SLK from my side mirror den I know i hafta think fast to come out with a good excuse to get out of this mess, sardenlee i got this brilliant idea!

The policeman finally arrive and this conversation took place :

Polis : Sir, you had exceeded the speed limit, Look I had a long day and this haze isnt helping to make it any easier, if you could give me a good reason why are you driving so fast in this stupid haze I will let you off with a warning.

Me : Officer. You see, my aircond is not working, so i hafta drive with my window down to get proper air ventilation.

Polis : Thats not good enough, unless you can come out with something logical I guess i have no option but to issue with a summon.

Me : Wait datuk wait ! i notchet finish! You see har my aircond not working i hafta wind down the window, then all the haze got into my car. The haze is so thick till it block my view of the speedometer! I cant tell what kinda speed I am doing at all!!!

Polis : *shake head* ok, go now before i change my mind.

Me : Tenkiu datuk!!! *speed off*

See ? the haze is NOT all bad after all! LOL!

*I m wondering, did that SLK managed to get away without suffering any monetary losses to0 ?*


  1. Itu bukan Kancil's punya interior! :P

  2. Anonymous2:37 am

    LOL....dats why, Kancil where got so cantik wan =P Besar pulak tu

  3. your kancil so big, sex in kancil also easier! hehehe, remember that case or not? ;)

  4. wah. itu jerebu teruk sampai itu punye kancil interior perlu khayalkan sampai gitu ka? lolz. cannot see, don't have to imagine until lidat! lolz.

  5. Anonymous10:34 am

    What happened to the CLK? That guy kena saman or not?

  6. waah.. you in england or somewhere aah? malaysian polis got so good one meh? never see beforelah.

  7. Anonymous4:30 pm

    haiya, next time u kena tiong, just tap on the break pedal with your left leg without releasing the accelerator ler, if that fails, hehehe, irritate the bugger by cleaning your windows. your water spray will kena the car behind for sure. damn irritating one. i did that to a BMW last weekend causing the guy to change lane instead of tionging me. kehkehkeh

  8. ccb! wah lan liddat oso can ah? knn!!

  9. Mr. Richman, Where can i get tat nice looking SLK???

  10. jason : shhhhh

    s-kay : shhhhhhh

    belacan : shhhhhhhhh

    quicksilver : teruk .. teruk sekali !!

    simmie : i derno ler i dint stay back to check lol

    ahpek : itu polis manyak sien edi la ... he kena work in that kinda situation sommo. I see his face like zomby only lol!

    Dsaint : tip & toe ka? that one i got use during race, i learn from initial D one LOL! my water spray manyak fine one ler ... not like a jet of water spraying out one, so knot tembak him lol

    butt : knn back!!

    dizzy : SLK U go Perodua showroom got alot! got 660cc one got 850cc one ... auto & manual suma got! lol


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