4 August 2005

Pinging Time (PPS) - Best Results

I think this is a lame topik and i do not think i m kolifai to give this kinda tok yet .. but after a few months of observation this is my findings. There is 4 time segment where the trehpik will be higher if you were able to catch the readers flocking to PPS to read blogs. I have experiment with the same and the results were within expectations. Of coz all this taken into consideration of the topik blogged and the relevancies of these topik to the current trend and gossip etc ...

The Time Segment :

1. From 7am-9am : this is what i call BLEKFAS time, where ppl check in early to work. Some arrive as early as 6am (carpool mah no choice lor) ... they will eat their blekfas in the opis and while waiting for 9am they can catch up on their fav blogs, therefore you can see like today those high trehpik blog like paultan.org and suanie.net pinged their latest entry. This 2 fler knows what they are doing bcoz as far as i know Paultan.org got about 6-7k visitors on a normal day and the trehpik shoots up to 11-12k on a good day, with a total of 4.8 millions pageload a month!! Anyway enuff of promoting his trehpik .... refer below for screenshots of the above mentioned

2. From 11am till 1pm, luncheowtime lunchtime!! You know lar our weather so hot, all lenglui dunwan get dark, so all taupah back opis eat lor. While eating what else can you do ? read blog la! especially if u kena diuED by boss in the morning session so u nid a bit of jokes to cheer you up... then u go read rojaks! :P Again, you can see prominent blogger a.k.a. trehpik queen 5xmom will ping at least one post during this hour, together -gether with some others fehmes bloggers all rushing to ping PPS befoh lunchtime is diu due!

3. From 5pm till 7pm - After werk, normall some ppl wanna act hardworking (wanna let boss see mah) so after work still stay back (some wanna avoid jam and some waiting for bf/carpool/gf/dad/mum) to come pick them up. So wat best to do if not read more blog leh ? Therefore this is also anoder chun time to ping your entry.

4. After 8pm till midnite - this is when ppl releks after makan, come online surf for porn/videos what best thing to do while downloading those big big files ? read a blog lor!!!

All those time above I tarak simply tembak one, I butui buti ala research wan ... this one all I also got double check with my Fengsui sifu "Wind and Jade" edi, she also agree with my findings. Its all complicated stuffs like the 5 elements the directions the kua position and the position of the grand master jupiter duke dude, the triagrams and the 5 pillars theory ... I explains to you also no use you wont understen one lol!

All in all, this is just my own findings, it might be right or it might be wrong. Time changes everything, but as of now it still works. I hope you will find it usefool and use it to boost your trehpik (if you need any). One day i will stop blogging and at least I shared something that will live on in the blogsphere :P

Cheers Amigos Cheers!!!


  1. omgwtfbbq you chiak pa boh tai ji zhor issit!!!! hahaha wind & jade pwns j00

  2. Very good research! Can write thesis, la!

  3. woi! you part time consultant for National Productivity Centre ke? hehehe

  4. Suanie : Wing & Jade ROCKS!!!

    Simon : kakaka .. can get MBA!

    belacan : sshhh ... i copy n paste from Nasional productivity centre wan!

  5. Gua tak da join PPS, so not familiar le. Since u r doing your thesis, might as well explain benefit too for dumb dumb hamsap hantu like me.

  6. errr... i think 5xmom post abt this topic already ler.

  7. and anuder thing, talk about suanie and paultan, why my name also got circle wan?!!


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