10 August 2005

Dream Driving

You heard of sleep walking rite ? but i bet you never heard of Dream Driving! but thats what the peeples in KL is doing this few days ....... lemme explains ...

Yesday or rather this morning i went to bed at around 4am. I m bloody addicted to to the game i m currently playing, LOTR Battle of Middle Earth. Thats the reasonwhy im sleeping at 4am in the morning during weekday.

Anyway, was driving to work today while still floating due to lack of sleep, somehow I felt quite different somehow. I felt like i wasnt awake at all .... as if I am driving in my dream ..... DREAM DRIVING! YIKES !!! WAKEUP WAKEUP!!!

Feels like driving in Heaven

Visibility down to 100 meter

Luckily my car got install air car ionizer and car ozonizer so i dont smell a shit in my car, I tell you installing a car ionizer in your car really makes a lot of differences. With ionizer installed you will get fresh air in your car minus all the foul smells. I dont know about others, but the one i am using, it really works like wonder!

I'll blog bout the car ionizer in my next products review ok ?


  1. Anonymous2:31 pm

    hope you didn't take the photo while driving!

  2. you damn skill man, photo shooting while driving.
    must be an auto i presume.

    i have a friend who can have a big mac while driving. also an auto driver.

    sama geng.

  3. seems to me kl is hazy everyday, all year round. last time i was there 2 years ago, same shit, today same shit. how much trees can indonesia keep burning? i would've thought they finish burning the whole country down already!

  4. Woi brader. Where's your MSN ah?

  5. Anonymous2:27 am

    I am gonna sleep in Mr.BF's car. His car's air so much cleaner.

  6. my car full of holes leh. ionized or ozonized air not gonna make jack shit difference, since all the outside air is gonna come in anyway. at any rate, it's not my car, honestly, so i don't have to worry about fixing it!

  7. simmie : hehe did you see any cars on the highway ? its pretty safe, no one using that road one lol

    Vynn : yar auto CLK (Cute little kancil) LOL!

    wuching : notchet now sumatra's turn nx year acheh turn lol

    willwolf : my msn lari edi! lol

    s-kay : wuahhh .... i dunno u like doing it in the car wan ler lol!

    quicksilver : use plastikstin to tampal, can last a few months one u know ?! i also using it now lol!

  8. Looking at your second picture, judging from your driving angle, look like your left tyres sudah off road dey !! Are you doing this InitialD masuk longkang corner drifting ka?


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