8 August 2005

Naked Girl & Taxi Driver

One day a Taxi driver were stunned when a completely/obviously/absolutely/terribly naked girl gets into his taxi. He turned his head back and stare at her stalk naked body. The girl is kinda piised with this so the girl finally blurted out

Naked Girl : Ahpek see what see ? Never see naked girl befoh ah ?
Taxi Ahpek : Got ah! got see befoh but i just wondering ler
Naked Girl : Wondering what ? you hamsup ahpek!
Taxi Ahpek : I m just wondering how are you gonna pay my taxi fare ......

tenkiu to buangmasa for the joke :)


  1. Anonymous5:46 pm

    LOL...good one

    naked = no baju = no money

    but got other means of payment mah *winks*

  2. Anonymous7:39 pm

    lol.... No money no honey. So, want taxi fare? Can have the honey. :p

  3. no money still wants a ride?
    maybe dont want others outside to see her kua...
    but since you can't cover the breasts or the private part...
    cover the face lah so no one knows it's you...

  4. Anonymous11:53 pm

    Aiyoooo...so funny la......

  5. I kenot belif how stupiak that taxi driver is! His little brother canot stand up one meh?

  6. no need to pay what. one game kau tim everything.

  7. Anonymous11:39 am

    sitting naked on backseat of a cab? unhygienic right?

  8. Taxi driver must be having day dreaming :D Wet dream.

  9. err. i dunno leh. if the apek was anything like the last one i had, he wouldn't even notice how naked she was, but go talking politics, lolz. at any rate, quite the stupid oso leh, wingz. lolz. definitely rojaks lar.

  10. hahaha this is really funny. I never tought it gonna end up that way...true also the taxi driver. No clothes should be no purse


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