4 August 2005


PSP Add on Self Powered Stereo Amplifier [click on image to enlarge]
Ever felt your PSP's volume not loud enuff ? You think the tiny speakers in your PSP can satisfy your hunger to hurt your ear drums ? Well, worry no more! External PSP add on Amplifier is here to safe your day ..er ... or rather blast your ear drums LOL! ... Well apart from utilizing this devide for game play your can use it to play your MP3 and Video outloud. Such a wonderfool creation aint it ?

The speaker cost approximately USD 12.00 or HK$ 75.00 [RM49 itu majiam]
With the following features :
  • Increase the sound volume
  • Stereo Amplifier
  • Self power (2 x AAA batteries)
  • On/Off switch
  • Green LED indicator
  • Size : 126.4 x 79.5 x 18.0 mm
  • Weight : 98gm
At RM49 bucks i say its a good buy, if you got need for it la ! Click here shop.brando for the link. Since this company originated from HK, Im very much certain this amplifier is made in China. hmmm ... quality ? i let u guys decides ok ? :P

P.S. see ? I can do gadgets review also! flat 3 minutes post! mana got difficult ?? furthermore I am actually using this product not only cut n paste, so dun diu me ok ? :P


  1. Wah....Rojaks you are so cleverrrr..... Do 10 more a day?

  2. 5xmom : wuahhh kahsoon can do but i knot la !!!! i know lar now u frend adsense club edi ... u all come here to bully me lar *sniff sniff* .... ok lor i dun ping lor !!! i dont do more pings than adsense club member or anyone else lor !!! u all earn all the adsense la .. i sit here diam diam ... watch u all boast bout adsense ....

  3. aiyooo why you cryingggg? ahpek don even have one adsense also mah.

  4. jelus ah? no need adsense la. komon sense boleh la.

  5. i wanna a PSP! *sob sob sob*


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