18 August 2005

Chinese Really got Weird Names - Who Buy ?

Steven is my ex-classmate, we knew each others for around 15 yrs ledi by now. Hes living around my place also, the other day I met him at Shell petrol station while we were both filling our tank up. Its was around 6pm and since it was quite a while since we last chitchat, he asked me to join him for a drink somewhere nearby.

We tok bout lotsa stuffs that nite but one particular topic really tickled me and this is what i m gonna tell you guys bout.

You see Steven is now working for a logistic firm in Klang, his boss (Ang) is farking stingy and a free loader pundek! He always go around the opis picking for free stuffs from his staffs. Whenever they tahpau food back to office the boss sure come out and dig into their food one, what worst is the ofis's pantry is always empty except for Tap water.

Now come the story, last week bloody hazy rite ? its also bloody HOT !!! so Chee (Steven's Manager) decided to threat everyone to some cold fizzy drink and asked the opis boy to goan get a few dozens of COKE from the nearby 7-11.

As soon as the opis boy return with 8 botols of 1.5liter COKE (COCA-COLA) everyone begin to strom the opis boy like they all 100 days never drink COKE lidat. Sardenly this ANG (the boss) also walked out of his opis to kepoh. then this is what happen next.

Ang : WUAH!!! got COKE ah ??!! Who buy one jek ?
Steven : Boss dont worry lar, this one got someone blanja us one. We dint use company money to buy wan lar.
Ang : Wuah who so nice la ? WHO BUY WHO BUY ????!!!

*Steven n his opis mate beh tahan their blardee Boss so kepoh then they all together gether answer him*

All the staffs : "CHEEBAI LAHHH!!!" (Chee Buy lah!!!)

P.S. : If you got frend whose surname is Chee, dun ask him to buy things ok ? :P


  1. You got so many cheebais decorating your blog hor, very suay wan you know? BTW, your ping to PPS got wrong URL, jek.

  2. Anonymous1:50 am

    i love chinese names. especially hong kong ones. i met a girl named "kinki" there.

    god, what i'd give to be able to introduce myself as "Hi, I'm kinki!"

  3. If Chee is a lady, and the husband's surname is Chow, it'll be "Chow Chee buy" lor.. Muahahaha!!

  4. LOL..but crazygrrl more farnie wo..

    chow chee buy

  5. like that, if your boss ask " whose food you all wan to eat?" you all say
    "EAT CHEE BUY ONE LAH" correct ah?

  6. Wah lau. Lidat oso can ah?

  7. 5xmom : eh timasih for telling me my link wrong :)

    kerfy : LOL! kinky !!!!

    crazygrr| : wuah ... u more terrot han me ledi ... I LIKE ~~~

    young : wat to do lar ... old ledi .. brain knot fight young girl like crazygrr| anymore :P

    inevitable : TENKIU!!

    Ahpek : KAKAKAKA!!! MCH u really SIFU of all chee buys! LOL!

    willwolf : can laaaa

  8. Anonymous10:36 pm

    huahua didn't expect this to be out. haha I thought only some of us know it. kekke Nice nice..

  9. Anonymous2:27 am

    luckkeyli his name not 'hu bai'...
    if not that boss get eng-gely bee-kos no 1 anser his ku-es sen

    and kerfy.. are you sure that girl from hong kong is a girl?
    may b she got tongkat.... u know

  10. anyone remember those twins in the austin powers goldfinger movie?

    fook yu & fook mi.

    japanese, if not mistaken.

  11. Haha... Fook Yu and Fook Mi... Remember, remember...

  12. chinese people also choose very strange english names such as "winifred"


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