2 August 2005

Advice Needed - From Someone in the Tourism Industry

Its almost that time of the year again, where the company hafta be close for a few days and sustains heavy losses while the staffs happily sucking away my blood .... I mean its time for the company's annual trip again!

Bcoz of so many uncertainties coupled with terrible economic conditions this year I wanna go somewhere local, somewhere cheap! Buden I got no idea where is cheap ... prolly a trip to the Nude Bitch beach within peninsular Malaysia and some bitching beach activities etc .... anyone got any bright idea ? Maybe got some CHEAP HOLIDAY BEACH TOUR PACKAGE by any local Tour Agency ?

The trip prolly gonna be 3D2N thingy, since $ matters so its not necesarily hafta be in a MCB expensive hotel, 3* will do just fine ... as a matter of fact I think if can get apartment or bungalow also lagi chun! its cheaper rite ?

Prolly would need to charter a bus or else i can ask those pest to drive themself! those without own transportation can go Pudu n buy own bus tiket! KAKAKAKA!!

Ok, I admit, I m seriously not cut out for this kinda stuff .... can anyone gimme a hand here ? ANyone who had organised this kinda trip befoh also are welcome to contribute also .... nid infos !!! pulezzzzzz.......

Make sure there is cheap food around too! if not i pokai feeding those hungry ghost!! those banglas can eat a whole farking COW you know!!!? Janji everything
cheap can edi !!!

Tenkiu in advance! and yes, Im a Cheapopo


  1. Anonymous1:53 pm

    I dun the following for my company :-
    1) Kuantan - Swiss Garden
    2) Lumut - Swiss Garden
    3) Equitorial - Cameron

    okie, can call up hotel and ask for quote.

  2. wan to go P.D. means, i can help.
    but anywhere also not cheap nowadays.
    but you oklah. economy so bad, somemore can give comapny trip.
    can i come and work for you ah?
    e-mail me if you wan to try PD.

  3. why need to spend that much le? go kai tau good enuf la. LOL

  4. find a tourism agency and get the cheapest offer. can ady wan. go to tioman or redang. if you want cheap and far, go to phuket lar.

  5. try this...
    i think its quite cheap leh

  6. Anonymous12:42 am

    I dunno leh. Never go on company trip also.

    Can I join ur company trip or not jek? FOC ah?

  7. a bus to penang is cheaper than a bus to kuantan. and penang got lotsa el-cheapo, i mean affordable hotels. and once there, just make it light and easy. they can go anywhere they want, on their own money lar. only one big dinner makan on first night and an evening of beach games. the rest of the nites makan sendiri. good boh? me CPA mah *grinz*

  8. anon : swiss garden ? cheap ar ?

    ahpek : wuah you got hotel in PD ka ? respek la! I will bug you if i want PD okeh ?

    kiasi : sipadan ? wuah ... u calling sipadan economical trip meh ? rich ler lu ...

    willwolf : go kai tau ? no nid la .. my staffs got male got female .. asl them to rape among themself better! rite anot ... diuuzz....

    j!mmy : tour agency nowadays hor ... knn semal semal bizz they dun fark u one ... mch

    lockee : WUAH!!! cheap la!! but still expensive if u go in a big geng ... can pokai u know ?

    frostier : can can ... tonite u sleep abit ealier lar ... den u can try n dream bout it LOL!

    Belacan : if goto penang then tarak transport ... susah mau move around ler ....

  9. gua talak pandai mau organize manyak manyak orang. if you want for a group of about 6, i can lar. or if you want to organize a dinner or something can jalan. you want advice on that you contact me, even tho saya cuma budak, pandai buat benda gini.

    oh yar. lu punye sait sudah i link-kan.

  10. go langkawi lar, 3 bedroom apartment (about 3 star) about RM250 per night. If no need breakfast, lagi cheap. Cheap booze cheap chocolate, cheap ciggy. Car rental Wira RM50 per day. But weekdays lar. :)

  11. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Go buy airasia's alcheapo RM69.90 return ticket to Kuching. Safer than taking KL kamikazi bus ride. Get to see leng lui. Stay at RM60.00 promo resort hotel and get to meet small dick Kenny Sia, smoke weed with sixthseal and see mahagurusia the great. Free food provide, just pay me later :) Come and visit Sarawak. All welcum.

  12. Come Penang. I pau sai including kai for you. LOL! Joking oni, I don't know what to entertain Bangla.

  13. chau hai! this one dun wan that one dun wan! go to zoo negara lar.

    chee bye leh! soooooooooo kiam siap!

  14. Dsaint : wuahhh!! MCH 200+ a nite !!! lidat he say murah ka ? knn!! if can stuff 10 banglas inside then murah la!

    quicksilver : dah besar panjang dah .. mana "part" u budak lagi tu ? KAKAKA!

    papi : but going there mia air ticket no cheap leh ...

    mahagurusia : Airasia mia cheapo ticket only 1 seat per flight ... like this i kena wait till 20 flights only can settle

    5xmom : penang ar ? err ....

    j!mmy : zoo negara can camping one anot ar ? LOL!


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