11 August 2005

Latest Attraction in KLCC Park - THE HAZE MAZE !!! Find Out More In Here!

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Good place to Beromen, its so hazy I doubt the Authorities gonna catch anything/anyone in this haze maze.

Snatch thieves also easier to excape now, how to run after him in this haze maze ?

KLCC Latest Attraction !!! THE HAZE MAZE !!! So far no contestant Made it out alive yet!

What are you waiting for ? Head on to KLCC on da Fark! Park


  1. LOL, good time to beromen indeed!

    Female lover : Larling, why are you breathing so hard and so fast? You stim dy issit?

    Male : argghh...urgghhhh....ooohhh..arrgghhh

    Female : Wait first....

    Male : argghh...urgghhhh....ooohhh..arrgghhh

    *drop dead*

    Female : WTF, I thought you orgasm.... spasm, issit?

  2. Thanks for the pics! Haven't really seen how bad it is in KL till I saw ur pics. No wonder 90% of posts on PPS are 'bout the haze..

    er.. actually all those people still milling at the KLCC park don't seem so perturbed by the haze ;) or maybe because it doesn't make any difference whether you're indoors or outdoors..so cham..

  3. Anonymous4:03 pm

    most of the people there malayu mah! like the ones lepaking at dataran merdeka yesterday..they are exempt from suffocating..new NEP policy...ha..ha..ha...

  4. Beromen in Hazy KLCC?? Aiyoo, where can stim in this kind of situation??

  5. Anonymous5:13 pm

    I wonder if public parks/Bukit Gasing will be filled with people...heheheeh......Got haze mah...police cannot see clearly! LOL!

  6. Wah, can bring my lover to KLCC liao. Must bring mask too or else will drop dead spasming macam Lilian punya cerita.

  7. wahliaoz. i got a few pics from around subang on my blog too, but they don't look half as bad as the klcc pics weh. and to think i was going to go to kl to shop. bad idea...

  8. ah good time to hold hands with my boy-boy in the public or hug or kiss as the moral police won't be able to see us. :)

  9. 5xmom : hahaha u toking from sexpereince izzit ? sound so real one! LOL! eh ...spasm is chow kan izzit ?

    Diana : you safe safe stay there in ozzy shiok lar .. we here very high edi, everyday stuffing our lungs with jungle smokes :( send me some of ozzy fresh air pulez...

    anon : u dem racist ler! melayu also human ok ? the are same like us also ... aparts from the NEP thing lar lol!

    papi : after u hantam some weed u wont be able to tell the diffrences, then u say can stim anot ler ... u dun belif me u ask our weed expert Mr. 6daseal la

    simmie : u kambek that time i bring u go bkt gasing la ... den we see whether got kena caught anot ok ? u can show me your flute skill... LOL!

    Willwolf : no nid la ... just use cotton to stuffs your nostrils enuff liow kakaka

    quicksilver : kam KL ? you bored with life edi izzit ?

    lucia : wuah .... 1st time i see u make juicy komen ler .. read edi my imagination running wild! LOL!

  10. It has been confirmed that, the worsenning haze is due to Rafidah's ass on fire yesterday during Cabinet meeting.


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