18 August 2005

Chinese Poem - The Answer

AND THE WINNER IS ......... VYNN !!!! CONGRATULATION!!! you get one year FREE subscription to http://rojaks.blogspot.com !!!!

Others pls pay up!!! LOL!!

now the question :

This is a Canto Poem, pls read in canto pronounciation -

*Fung Chui Lau CheePai Yew Pai*
*Cheepai, Cheepai, CheeCheePai*

The Answer :

West Lake : there are one type of tree that grow abundantly around the lake. I do not know what its call in Yingrish till VYNN said it willow, I guessed hes right guah lol ... but anyway in Canto that tree is called "Lau she" therefore its branch is called "
Lau Chee"

When the wind is blowing and the branch is swaying in canto we say "
Chee Pai".

Fung Chui Lau CheePai Yew Pai
(wind blow, willow branch sway n sway)
Cheepai Cheepai CheeCheePai
(branch sway, branch sway, many many branches swaying)

There! your answer (soli yesday datang HAID, no mood to blog. dats why your answer late by 1 day) LMAO!!!

P.S. : To those who think this is a hamsup poem and got related to old cibai one hor .... I gibe lu consolation prize la ... 1 botol of clorox for u to rinse your brain with KAKAKAKAKA!!!!!


  1. datang HAID?! How many "whisper"s u used? Hehe!!

  2. chee bye, i thought u menopause ady?

  3. waa, vynn, you good lah. got grand prise. i try 2 times also never get.

  4. wah, your haid is 1 day type ah? not 1 week meh? LOL


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