29 August 2005

Weekend Pics

Small vs Big

Mum & Little Devil


  1. Anonymous1:13 pm

    omg is that your sons??

    so cute! =D

  2. omg, is that your sonS??


    Helloo, apasal u become all fatherly liao?

  3. lil devil is so cute!! can pinjam cubit ar? :P

  4. omg, is that your sons?!!

  5. weh. anak anak dan bini ada, mana abahnya? lolz. cute ar? sons are probably the worse kids to have. they get expensive with their constant demands for expensive electronics, then a car, then they go get some girl pregnant and infinitely complicate matters. i would know. i'm one. except for the getting a girl pregnant part.

  6. This is not joke wei!! Haha! Give me back my old Wingz. :bpbpb

    Why suddenly decided to be so "family"-man? Hmm, summore half exposed yourself tim...

  7. haiyoo.... somebody finally grew up!
    now you can follow Mr.B lah. Blog bout wife, son and all lah.

  8. y call da kids little devil?! its our pemimpin negara pada masa hadapan ar..v must sayang him.

    wingz, really ur son ar?! dun keep quiet la..respond sikit

  9. omg is tat ur sons? =p

    i need a magnifying glass to peep at ur 'chuen ga fook' photo at the back hoho..

  10. Eyen : yup thats my son n my wife, buden my wife's face is not so "visible".

    5xmom : hehe what u mean by i bcome fatherly liow ? I m fatherly all the while wat ? its just that i never show it in this blog doesnt mean i m not fatherly lol

    simon : thats my son not sons

    quick : hahaha! so young n u alredi know this kinda stuffs ar ?

    jason : ran out of jokes ledi ? eh where i got expose myself ???

    ahpek : aiyaks! eh all the while i memang grown up ledi one laaa

    youngbrat : why lil devil ? u wanna know ? u come to my house and i give him his light saber, then you will know why lol!

    julie : alamak! i better go lur the family photo now lol

  11. crazygrrl : alamak dun merajuk! i rely here! can can !!!

  12. Brader, who is the big le?


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