29 August 2005

Car Plunged into the River Bank - Bukit Jalil

At around 6pm, I was heading home when i saw a lot of peoples surrouding a what seems to be an accident site with yellow tape blocking a broken barricade somewhere around in Bukit Jalil. I drove up to Vista Komenwel to have a better view of what happened and managed to take a few shots. Here is the pics.

the bridge and the car beneath

The car, zoomed in. It looks like a Saga

The broken Barricade and the bunch of keepoh peoples blocking the road

A reminder to all car drivers, please drive carefully especially when you are on unfamiliar road. Accident do not discriminates. It doesnt matter what kinda car you are driving what matters is how you drive!


  1. ok, ok. i understand now.

  2. hehe. dunno whether to feel sorry for the poor fucker or laugh at his misfortune. aiyor. better not laugh lar. later i pulak yang kena. lucky thing i don't live in bukit jalil. hmm. does ANYONE live there?

  3. Anonymous3:43 pm

    quicksilverlining: the guy who took the picture lives in Bukit Jalil la!

  4. look like my car.. when kek sai time!

    damn lar... a very horrible, terrible and vegetable image.

  5. butt butt : good boi

    quick : its not nice to luff at ppl who no longer exist in this world u no ? :)

    kenn : lol

    J!mmy : choy!! its not your car la


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