31 July 2005

PETROLLL NAiKKKKK LAGiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ARGHHHHHH !!!!!!!!! WHATS NEXT ???!!!

Ok, I NEVER! never never post any toolarn politikus gomen post befoh this, but this time leehly beh tahan edi ... nid to fark somebody befoh i go gila!!!!

1st - Economy like fark edi .... susah cari makan
2nd - Econ notchet recover but Petrol $ naik
3rd - Petrol $ naik lagi .... Econ getting worst
4th - Yau Char Kwai also naik .... even tho flour, cooking oil and salt no naik.
5th - The launching of "No More Tears Shampoo" by our Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz.
6th - Ringgit Unpegged against USD without warning .... Econ is now teruk abis + kelam kabut.
7th - Petrol naik lagi bang!!! [31st July 2005]

Beginning of the year, my car kasi hantam full tank can get around RM40+ then naik to RM50+, the last time I pump petrol I paid RM60+ .... tomlo onwards RM70+ Ape sudah jadi ???!!!!

Ini majiam kalo, rakyat mati manyak cepat lo gomen !!!! kreta suma tak bleh jual lah!!! Akhir bulan lapat gaji, suma mau bayar sama Gomen ledi la ini majiam oi! .... cukai pintu kambing, cukai tanah pun mau bayar, Inkam tax pun mau bayar, buy car pun kena kaw kaw tax, road also got tax but still kena bayar toll, sales tax pun kena jugak, pigik makan kena bayar serbis tax, sikalang sudah cakap mau intro itu GST/VAT tax lagi! bukan main manyak jenis tax tapi maner itu suma luits sudah pigik ?? ..... tak tau biler pulak nak introduce pun-taxs (pundeks) ?

So many bad news, so many uncertainties .... how to cari makan lidis ?? how rakyats gonna hidup peacefully ? PISSED-FULLY GOT LA!!!

Sommo dat day say wanna continue to implement NEP lagi .... not yet introduse rakyats ledi toolarn like fark .... if continue lagi ... sigh ... dunno lar, ini majiam, balik kampung tanam jagung lagi baik, if not its just like werking sama gomen only .. no difference also akhir bulan lapat gaji suma kasi sama gomen jugak .... at least kalo jadi Gomen servant got chance to get APs!

Anyone got "jalan" to get PR in Aus or NZ anot ? I think itu lalangs and rumputs kat saner lebeh green lah!

Quote of da dei: "Yang Kaya jadi lebeh Kaya, yang Miskin jadi Papa-kedana"


  1. thanks for the thumbs up. but it's too late cause it's 3.14 here now.

  2. Anonymous4:17 am

    ya la. I pun tak tahan. Everywhere petrol naik. In my country also like dat. Tak boleh tahan. Esok esok guna petrol boleh jadi macam minum air. Ringgit unpegged, dollar turun harga. Semua currency convert to ringgit jadi mahal. Mana boleh tahan? Haih....

    seems like the gaji have to naik also. Else, cham.

  3. Anonymous8:56 am

    Can you tell me where in the world that the price of oil has not increased?

  4. hahahahahhaa!! myself no problem bcos i now use my 20 yrs. old yamahai 90.

  5. increase our fucking salaries too!

  6. Anonymous12:41 pm

    hailat :(

  7. pundek. now i have to ask my boss for a raise.

  8. Anonymous2:29 pm

    wingz, wa banyak agreed sama lu!! really behtahan sama goverment now, semua naik, apa, diapa ingat kita orang kaya kah wat? if wan naik, gaji naik lah juga, tax turn lah, susah payah earn the money tehn bagi goverment telan habis, no wonder wa punya salary kering evrymonth!gila betul!! dahlah me yesterday baru order itu aircond, now dunno use wat to pay liao.. oi, kalau ada jalan dapat PR kat Aus or Nz ah..kasih sama wa juga.. wa pun mau ikut

  9. Ciiimmaaaiiii !!! Sikarang apa puki pun naik. MCH!!! Better ride basikal to work TYMOS!! Inplasion kambinggg!!!

  10. j!mmy : wuah so late u still awake ka ? tarak pigi mabuk ?

    surfnux : this time more hailat than hailat ... this time hailat x hailat

    halian : UAE, Brunei, Dubai ?

    ahpek dat day muthu tell me you bawak BMW one .. dun bluff!

    cccp : salary increase ? fat chance la ... gomen kaya, boss kaya ... we die in da middle ....

    jxr2j : its hailat kuasa dua hailat x hailat!

    willwolf : ur boss also kpala besar edi pasal his expenses just increased .... this morning pasal NEP pulak ... now u goan ask bout your raise ... you are asking for a fuck LOL!

    carryn : jom! kite elope pigik Aus!!!

    sizzy : inplsyen alredi here ... knocking on your door ...

  11. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Hailat la ... this time must ride bicycle already :(

  12. Anonymous6:26 pm

    Haiyah..of course UAE, Brunei and all petrol price tak naik lah...semua tu main supplier mah. If not why US wanna hentam same masuk and control those countries in UAE..so they can control the economy. Itulah muslihat mereka (bush family) since last time.

  13. Anonymous11:18 am

    Petrol price naik this time. Next change, harga letrik (Tenega sudah submit proposal). Coming soon telephone rate...semua gomen corporations. Gaji naik-- "man-man dang". Manyak teruklah...

  14. Anonymous11:27 am

    All this is your own fault. Why don't ypu vote BN out?

    You get what you voted for. Dont complain

  15. yalo..its going to suffer and die. just like Sam Hui song' ta kung chai' is like dat lo. i now stil in probation. Pay dam low la..b4 my review period arrive, i think i die ald..if wana survive, need to eat maggi evyday( bread is expensive than maggi aso..haiizz)..

    any jalan ar?

  16. wah. gua ada aussie punye PR. kahkahkah. but cakaping the truth leh, it's not that much cheaper. but at least they actually use the tax money to do things other than build giant teapots in the jalan raya punye tepi, like they fix the jalan raya. but here damn funny lor, gamen punye teapot boley, tapi itu sendirian punye teapot kena tarik bawah.

    as for anon punye komen, nak undi siapo lagi? our opposition is weak and stupid, and our gamen oso weak and stupid, so we vote for the weak and stupid we know lar. unless someone mau jadikan i supreme dictator. then i promise sweeping reforms.

    sweeping reforms as in i give everyone new brooms.

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