30 July 2005

Animal P0rn - Quickie!

In response to Suanie's post, here is my entry about Animal Porn. Whole Clip only 15 secs, now thats what i calll quickie! You can try this in your car too! who knows, maybe you will end up having more style/positions than this video! Enjoy~~!

Komen pulezz!!! komen komen komen !!! I m such a sucker for komen !!! I suffers from Komenistism ... no komen can die wan !!!!! HELP ME!!!


  1. Anonymous1:58 am

    bounce bounce bounce.......LMAO!!!

  2. Anonymous5:06 am

    finally can see suanie in action

  3. Ban tis site!! Bannnnn!! No to sex! No to Porn!! No to Rojak!!

    Ehh.. anymore porns ah? Next time make a longer one la. So short no chikek la

  4. wooo... pumping humping pumping humping :D

  5. Anonymous11:23 am

    Install bigger woofer!!

  6. Anonymous12:47 pm

    LOL... This is funny. hahaha

  7. trans-sepcies intercourse...NOOO!!!

  8. Anonymous12:58 am

    Aiyo damn funny. I watched it three times :P

  9. Ok ok, give you coment....

    na puas liao??

    hehe :> we wan more porn video!!!

  10. Jx : chun anot ??!!!

    Vynn : haha tenkiu tenkiu

    simmie : hehehe ... kam kam i teach u how to do it in real life LMAO!

    frostier : wah lau eh now only i know u arm luen suanie secara diam diam lol

    Dizzy : flower bridge lar !!!

    belacan : kakaka last time u also got this kinda sexperience kat backseat izzit ? lol

    Toxicle : wah lau eh bigger meh ? wanna jump higher ar ? lol

    surfnux : tenkiu brader!

    andy : lepas tu kluar new species call lehbeh or behleh lol!

    scribbler : eh 3 times only enuff meh ??? lol!

    lockee : nid to be so fake meh :(

  11. LOL. The lehbit n behbeh r so cute!!

  12. u kerazee fruckK! :P :P : P lolololol

  13. Anonymous4:39 pm

    he..he.. the cina pek face on top there so funie loh..always laugh.. ha..ha..


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