29 July 2005

You Can Trust Them with Your Balls ! I know I Will

Warning : Tons of Videos! Broadband is a must have, if you dont pls do not click at this link. You have been warned!

Instructions : How to watch this Entry
1.) Scroll down to the 2nd video at the lower position and press "PLAY/PAUSE"
2.) Finish watching the 1st Video and proceed to the second video
3.) Press "PLAY/PAUSE" button to replay the 2nd Video
4.) If you dont do lidat you will have 2 videos running at the same time and its quite confusing.

I dunno bout you guys but I will trust these guys with my balls, footballs I mean! See for yourself :P

But this guy below .... I wont even trust him with chicken eggs, Dont need to say my precious balls!

1st time experimenting with 2 videos in one entry, Would appreciates if you guys could tell me [ in the comment section] hows the effect ? in the future which is better ? 1 or 2 videos in one entry ?

Tonite abit tired, so this video is totally raw, copy n paste from alldumb.com at least I put it here rather than asking you to go and download it yourself rite ? (unlike "someone") and I dont put one liner, if wanna put one liner then might as well dont put anything. One liner is degrading for readers. Its like they arent smart enuff to read and understen complex sentences, therefore you come out with one liner! LOL! or does that reflects the author's IQ level ?? You be the judge to that yourself! LMAO!!

*P.S. : I wanna dedicate this post to KLJS and Crazygrr| for their undying love of this Sport LMAO!

Disclaimer : like always, you are free to assume stuffs, but please do not hold me responsible for your assumption(s). I did not made that assumption(s) in the 1st place, you did! :P


  1. ler.......undying love for Football?



    but I HATE football!!!!!


  2. try one video for one post next time, or maybe you can set the default not to run the video unless it's clicked, there's a way to do so with that flash movie player, try to tweak around.

  3. kljs wuahahaha !!!

    andy : ok noted ... 2 videos very the luen sui

  4. woah lan ehhhh, wat sort of disclaimer is tat huh??? Anyway, one video nicer ler.

  5. sorry Ah pek still cannot see. better go drink my ohkau.

  6. Anonymous2:14 pm

    one video nicer!!!!!!!

    u the one who asked me to tell you my opinion.. so my answer is, one is nicer!


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