29 July 2005

What Melancholic Gotta Do With Being GAY/BiSexual ??

Yesday go yumseng again with my buddy after work, this time i went yumsing with Adam and Simon at this nice and cosy high klass bar. Buden today Simon abit something wrong somewhere, normally this fler would tok non stop even befoh mabuk but today he has been quiet all along.

Me and Adam sensed something is wrong with him, after we sit down at the bar there we asked him :

Adam : oi Simon, you ok anot ? you looks like you just got dumped by your gay bf la!
Simon : Farkiuuu la! ..... dun kacau me ... leave me alone pls ....

Adam & Me : *we never see Simon like this one man! panik sial!*

*Den i walks up to him and said,*

Me : Oi ... mehsi ? tell us lar MCH! see we can help anot la!
Adam : Yalah Mahpuki! putih putih lu diu me just now! WTF la! we brader brader tarak kira one! TELL TELL!!
Simon : Dunwan la .. u all dun disturb me la ....
Me : You sure youd dunwan tell ? you dont regret ok ? I go n tell you wife you screwing your secretary.
Simon : MAHAI lu !!! You plomised to keep secret ok ??!!!
Adam : LMAO!!! farker you tell us then we wont tuk your pui jek! i plomised!
Simon : Actulee nuthin la ... its just I m feeling Melancholic today ....

*Adam & Me moves further from Simon*

Simon : Melancholic, MELANCHOLIC LA! YOU DEAF OR WHAT ?!!

*Adam & Me moves even more further from Simon*

Simon : oi pundeks where da fark u guys going ?
Me : Simon, I thot Adam is joking when he teasing you about you being gay n all but little i do know you are bi-sexual .... its kinda shocking to us both to know that today .....
Simon : WTF you toking about ??? since when i turned Bi ??? you sick or what ? I thot you are here to console me, you pundek!
Me : Just now you said you feels like you wanna lick luncheow ?
Simon : MCH!!! I where got say that ???!!
Adam : You said you feeling Me-Lunchoew-lick .... we got sked man .... really sked! we sked u ask us to let u lick !!!
Simon : eh! Farkiu both ok ? Last time ask u goto skool u dunwan, u ponteng go Yow Chuan roller skate. Now peeple tok yingrish you dont understen!
Simon : Its spelt M-E-L-A-N-C-H-O-L-I-C, it means depressed, unhappy, pissed ... nothing to do with licking Lunchoew!
Adam & Me : eh sure boh? so its not lick luncheow la? *Phew~*

*We both go back to sits beside Simon*

Adam : So why u so sad ? Tell us la !
Simon : Woman mia hal lar! ... my secretary asked me to buy her a houz .... die die!
Me : HAHAHA!!! you got "your-luncheow-licked" for free so long edi, its time to pay up man!!!
Adam : HAHAHAHAHA!!! *falls off the bar stool while luffing his ass off*
Simon : Cilaka mia kawan, make fun of me sommo! I just realised i forgot to bring wallet tonite! kapten kasi open 2 looks chivas masuk Adam & Wingz mia account!

Adam : Jangan ini majiam kawan .... nanti my turn to Me-Luncheow-Lick pulak !!! 2 looks you know!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Me : Adam, itu cilakak Simon want us both to Me-Luncheow-Lick la! you lick me and I lick you, then I buy you one houz and you buy me one houz ok ? KAKAKAKA!!!!

*we proceed to luff like sohais kena histeria lidat .... err .. more like MITI just gave us 1,000 AP each lidat!* HAHAHAHAHA!!! ... sakit perut man!!

Moral of the story :
1.) Free Sex is definitely more expensive than Paid Sex! Actulee there is no such thing as Free Sex!

2.) Dont fark your secretary! dont shit at the same place you eat! LMAO!!!

3.) When you frends are screwed, step on him! bcoz tomlo if u r screwed they will do the same LMAO!!! [no Im just kiddin, dont screws your own frend ok? unless you are GAY!]

4.) Not everybodi knows WTF is Melancholic [pronounciation ~ "Me-Luncheow-Lick"] ok ? So just say depressed or sad or pissed or farkED, dun lansi show off your powderfool Yingrish CAN?!


  1. Anonymous3:14 pm

    fancy schmancy place there..where izzit?

  2. hmmm... this makes me think of Almonds n Diamonds post on Starbuck Rhumba Frappucino. It was originally named Lampa Fuckacheehole

  3. wah. very the powderfool england leh. but dunno what sad has to do with being gay. maybe he wan lick his own lanchau leh?

  4. MCH. If got friends like u, habis la. Kena fark kau kau from u pulak but in this case, can't say i will side Simon lor. Seldom hear ppl say melancholic lor. If got then I ask mat lan nei oi lic ah (what cock u wan to lick ah)? LOL

  5. oh man! this post is so gay! *moves away.....* :P

  6. mat lan tou kiu ngoh lic, also can.

  7. mat lan hor lic... hahahahaha...

    after going thru your entries... so far this is the best....

    i sure laugh my arse off!


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