24 July 2005

What is Really Happening In a Guy's Toilet ? LADIES, Come Here To Find Out!

Girls and Ladies! [guys also can but other than that pls dont click here!]

Ever wonders what we guys talk about or do in the Men's room/toilet ?

Join this 3 handsome Young man in the guy's toilet and experience it yourself, see for yourself what kinda stuffs is happening inside a men's room. Dont say i dont warn you! Those who laugh last dint hear the joke first! :P

Cast : Kenneth, Mack and Paul


  1. Anonymous1:25 am


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  3. Anonymous2:08 am

    OMFG... I am so gonna wash my hands with dettol!0

  4. Saw this b4 ler.. Show something new fr. ur ideal job as (toilet) jaga lar.. :P

  5. LOL, can show us what happening in ladies toilet in the next post? it should be more interesting

  6. Anonymous6:44 am

    Shit ... now that image is stuck in my head ... bugger

  7. Jxt2J : haha tonite ur turn wei!

    kiasi : you find my Aujeong (idol) got wat ar ?

    paul : tenkiu .. you hold mack's dicky !!! faggot!

    Jason : hmmm ... you turn will come very soon LOL!

    crazygirl : wei ... mine one got original manglish subtitle one wor!!

    andy : knot la .. i dun dare to bring camera go into female toilet .. sked kena rape later lol!

    Mack : EEWW!!! you hold paul's dick !!! everytime you go peing ... you will feels like you are holding paulie's dick LMAO!!!! [fark!!! u wakeup at 6:44am? u got nuthing better to do on sunday ar ?]

  8. Anonymous5:11 pm

    OMG.....wingz...you ah..LOL..


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