6 July 2005

You Are Not Nelson Mandela ???

Best read with a "Japanese Yingrish" accent :

One fine day, Nelson Mandela is at home watching TV when there is a knock at the door. A Japanese delivery man is clutching a clipboard, pointing to a truck full of car exhausts in the driveway and yelling, "You sign, you sign!"

The bewildered president will do no such thing and slams the door. The next day, the man is back, waving a clipboard under the great man's nose, gesturing to a truckload of brake pads and insisting, "You sign, you sign!"

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Nelson gets rid of the man again, but next day he's back with two truckloads of car parts, once again insisting that the president sign for the goods. Mandela loses his temper and yells, "Look, I don't want these. Do you understand? You have the wrong person."

Puzzled, the Japanese man consults his clipboard and asks, "Ah soh. You not Nissan Maindealer?"


  1. Anonymous12:55 pm

    huahuahua nissan maindealer. sounds almost exactly the same, especially when pronounced fast. hehehehee

  2. Fuwah, you got new banner. You very hensem hor Wingz. Where you cut your hair?

  3. surfnux : hehehe

    5xmom : nice leh ... i cut hair at ahlan dewlon studioh!

  4. Eh siumaiii... where to find tat studio? Me also want to cut litat.


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