20 July 2005

Finally!! We got our Proton Savvy

We booked it somewhere like more than a month ago and this morning it arrived. Its for our technical staff tho. not for me, we asked him to choose those cars below 40k one he chosen this one .... They call it a new car, I call it my new liability for the next few years. BAH!!

Petrol increase, maintenance increase, material price increase but how come my hair is decreasing together to the thickness of my wallet ? KNN!!! Its moment like this that makes my life sucks! *ARGHHH!!*

Note to myself : tonite go hantam the number plate kaw kaw!!! if kena then the car consider seponsored by DA MA CAI / MAGNUM 4D / SPORTS TOTO. wuahahahahahaha!!!!


  1. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Nice car...if kena magnum or toto, upgrade to perdana or something else for your technical staff la. LOL

  2. review review review! coz i am considering this but haven't decided yet. ;)

  3. yesterday i just realized the buntut look a bit like a 3rd class gundam mecha...

  4. Anonymous1:41 pm

    eh u ada test drive it yet? review it okay.

  5. Sawi nice wut. Red colour, I like.

  6. Galvin : if kena my turn to upgrade pulak lar!!! my ride getting old liow ... 1+yrs old ledi .. time to change ride.

    belacan : eh the tech staff dapat liow like he saw his dad alive again, takan u want me to ask him for the keys and tell him i wanna test ... so low ler lidat lol

    simon : the buntut definitely looks like something is wrong ... macam kena bee-sting LMAO!

    reallygigit : see how ler .. later i ask my admin staff ask him for the keys say the boss wanna check it out ok ? lol

    5xmom : Red kaler car are banned in China bcoz according to survey red kaler car are more prone to accident . Likewise in yapun, red kaler car mia insuran more expensive one .... so i hope this farker dun goan crash my liability yet.....

  7. walao eh, you mosaic the plate number, i want to buy toto magnum also leh!

  8. oi oi oiiii !!! wat's d number ?????

  9. LC, (and I don't mean lilian chan wokay?) how many times you wanna PING? You know the law or not ha?

  10. Anonymous10:52 pm

    Wow, new car. If won the car plate number in TOTO / MAGNum sure mou man thai already. ohoo Good luck.


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