9 July 2005

Sex - 1st time for Pro Bowler

AhKeat is young guy from “ULU” Yam was on his way to stardom on the pro bowling champenship, but he had very little sexperience with women.

So finally one day AhLian which he met at a publicity at a party, very Hiao-ly ask him to bring her to his hotel room. Unfortunately AhKeat had no idea what to do.

Finally AhLian said “I teach you lar! All you haf to do is to take the hardest thing you got and put it into where I pee.”

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So AhKeat immediately go and take his bowling ball and dropped it into the toilet.


  1. HAHAHAHHAHA!! This one no medicine can cure liao~!

  2. jason : wah lau eh i havent even ping PPS you ledi komen !!! terornye!

  3. LOL!

    eh wingz... you better becareful hor. Got admirer already. Nanti tersumbat your belakang :P

  4. Anonymous1:11 am

    Kenneth, couldnt agree more. later his die hard fansee put his bowling ball in his belakang.


  5. Anonymous5:16 am


    habis la lu wingz suk.

  6. Anonymous5:07 pm


    So funny. ROTFL.. LMAO.

    Cool joke. Lols.


  7. kehkehkeh...

    Oi, you femes liao. Got people blog dedicate to you. Actually hor, what is wrong with you ha? Need me to buy a bottle of dettol for you or not? Sorry hor, I deleted your comment 'cos it can cause me to lose 50% of my friends.

  8. 5xmom : eleh ur 50% of frend = 1 ppl niah LMAO!!!

    Ken : You and Fros dem matching lar .. both also belakang masuk mia kaki!!!

    Fros : i think u found your other half liow!!!

    Jx : u also wanna join them balakang masuk kaki ar ?

    Kyels : Hey you very lenglui !!! i very the suka ~~~~ and you got brain too!!! what a attractive package!!


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