4 July 2005

Whos Da Boss ?

Sometime back, The President went on holiday and The VP was left in charge. Since The President was not around The VP decided to throw some weight around to show that he is the BOSS now.

The day before The President left, he went on an expensive shopping spree. At Lot10, he spotted a very expensive branded T-shirt with a distinctive word across the chest - Hugo BOSS. He bought it and wore to office the very next day, revealing the word BOSS to everyone.

Suay Suay (unfortunately), The President delayed his flight because of his wife's headache and decided to go back to office to do some work. When he stepped into his office, he caught The VP by surprise.

The VP then was sitting with his cross-legs up the table, arms behind his head, unbutton coat with the word BOSS right across his chest. Upon seeing The President he quickly try to cover up with his coat. The President realizing what was happening, he said: "It's OK, it's OK I'm on leave you can carry on."

Of course The President was furious and went also to LOT 10 to look for something to teach his deputy a lesson. He thought of an idea and bought a branded T-shirt too, to counter The VP's by wearing it to office that very afternoon without a coat.

Guess what brand .............?

BOSSINI (Translated from Malay: Here's the Boss)


  1. Anonymous11:00 pm


  2. The president of chich country? He understands our lingua franca meh?

  3. kiasi : The presiden of a corporation ler ..... a company

    Boh Sing Li (no business)


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