17 July 2005


I dunno why but lately i found that HAIRY PODAH is really fehmes! Manyak olangs tok bout him and his pet elephant Dumbo-doll! Got one Lenglui bought his book for RM99.90 !

Aiyoh! Cite Dongeng also cost so much ..... sommo angmoh mia cite, what happened to cite Pak Pandir or Our Own Legendary Hero like Hang Tuah & his geng ?

Then if you see clearly this two days PPS is fulla HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE mia post. I think so far I am the only alien in Malaysia who never read a single HAIRY PODAH mia story book. In case you think I anti HARRY POTTER i can tell you now that i enjoy the movie but to pay RM99.90 for the book kat MPH I personally think that is moronic madness ( in canto we call them Sohais).

PeNNyPupZ (shes in UK now) told me that in UK they selling for £8.99 at harrypotterbooks.biz sardenlee i got an idea! i goan check kat X-rates.com and found that exchange rate from RM to £ is now at 6.66 which means the book will cost around RM60.00 only!!! So i fast fast ask PeNNyPupZ buy order for me 200 copies and because I order 200 copies they throw in free freight for me!!!

When i get my stock, I will sell them for RM80.00 each (cheaper by almost RM20 compared to that bookstore) , I figured I would be making around RM4k when its all sold out! KAYA AKU this time !!!! WUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

OK OK!!! who want buat booking faster put your name in the comment section below this post ok?

But if you are one hella stingy poker, mau baca takmau bayar. I got just the solution for you! go here for a free read http://dda.mail15.com/ you cheap skate!!! [Link contributed by my buddy at Buangmasa.net ]

I also got this FOC sample novel couriered to me by the UK company, I got scan the cover for you all to see. Nah, you see for yourself la! gerentik Original one!!!

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  1. eleh u don jeles :P

  2. Anonymous10:25 am

    muahaha. say pple cheapskate... u dun end up buying imitation ah HAHAHA

  3. I am ANTI-Harry Pot Head! Everyone fear me!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:25 pm

    huhuahuahuahuahu muanyak bagus la you punya idea. kih kih kih. I have never read even one book of hairy podder too. I only watched the movie. keke

  5. Anonymous5:35 pm

    macam picasso!

  6. Wah lew... if not becoz Jason Tee told me, I also din notice u used my picture for ur HP version book cover. -sweat-

  7. And Jason Tee said that was GANDALF.....yeah..GANDALF...I asked him back, since when HP got Gandalf...

  8. Anonymous6:56 pm


  9. U r not the only alien who doesnt read a single harry podah.. me too!! n im alienER than u.. i dun even watch the movie. muahahaha!!

  10. OMG.....Just saw my head in that picture!!!



  11. Oi oiiiii... i want to potositet.

  12. Anonymous2:10 am


  13. aiyo! like dat oso can ah?!

  14. so for the adult hairy podah cover..apa macam? any sample ka?

  15. I agree, Harry Potter is teh sux :P

    I want my money back T_T

  16. Anonymous2:15 pm

    wat the hell? harry podah?? u wait his diehard fan come here n torch you! rofl

  17. suanie : im not jeles can ??? :P

    Jx : aku mia original Msia version can ???

    kljs : but dont tell me you dont like my MSia version Hairy Podah!!!

    surfnux : for RM100 bucks i can buy 20 HAIRY PODAH mia vcd LMAO!!

    Carryn : Cheap skate !!! go read free online one la ... can print out also !

    Mrbojingles : you mean kljs's face looks like picasso ? WUAHHH ... i thot so too!!!

    Jason : apelar your own lengjai pic also knot recognise! .. bukan Gandalf la .. its Dumbo-Doll!

    Kiasi : ori or made in indon one ?

    crazygirl : aww ... we are a pair made in heaven la! Thin Sarng Yat Tui :P

    kljs : Mrbojingles said u looks like picasso la!

    dizzy : cimai cheapskate!!! u drive Hontah ok ? go buy ori !!! RM60 only!!!

    rufio : HI!!!

    Simon : Taikor!!! can lar ... creative mahhh lol! Malaysia BULL-eh!!

    lil'elmo : Eh itu adult version knot post online ... 18sx, if u wanna see come my house la i show you :P

    julianz : too late ... itu rowling is more kaya now thanks to you lol!

    reallybites : Its Hairy Podah ... very Hairy punya Podah! kakaka ... torch larr!! i ledi apply flame retardant gel LMAO!!!

  18. Anonymous6:06 pm

    I am just a random passerby and truly ur post looked so goddamn stupid. Yeah, I am Malaysian and from the way u blogged ur thoughts or whatever.. It's really degrading. Perhaps people might think that that post of urs is funny.. Harry Potter became Hairy Podah and Rowling became Bowling. And Bloomsbury became Belombeli.

    Perhaps insulting Harry Potter and Rowling is one of ur lame prerequisites but still it ain't funny. Seriously.

    The 6th installment itself might suck, maybe to the max but still you are just a reader. Oh, ur not. I forgot. Ur just a lame spoiler that spoils the name of the book. How sad. Should I shed tears?

    It's a shame to see a Malaysian behaving in such a way. You don't like the book, then don't buy it or critize it. You want to write a review that the book itself was sucky, go ahead. No one's gonna stop you but write it in a professional way and not through this lame way.

    Also it's Dumbledore not Dumbo-doll. Yah, it's funny right? But to some people it is not funny. You made Harry Potter sound stupid and it reflects to its readers as well. And mind you, most of the readers are made up of kids. However, some are adults. So are you trying to imply that parents who bought this book for their kids, are stupid and brainless?

    Why not you write ur own Hairy Podah and sell it worldwide. And please get urself a Nobel Prize too, alright? Pirah.

  19. Brandishing Spear : my oh my ... you really kinda reminded me of someone who got shares in the author's company or do you ? HAHAHAHA!

    elo aneh! you calling yourself Malaysian ar ? you seen any Malaysian call Harry Potter or Dumbledore anot ?
    Dont tell me you are not that serious when u reading novel ok ? bcoz obviously you took what i kid here as something very degrading so i am thinking, no wonder our country knot maju, bcoz got lotsa pee-ples like you ? LMAO!!! eh btw you no blog meh ? post your blog la ... dun shy leh macha!

  20. brandishing spear: You know what you need? It's called a sense of humor. Do you look at things so seriously all the time? My... must be boring.

    There are parodies all around. Even hollywood do parodies of each other's movies. Oh wait... you don't watch movies? I forgot... a boring life. Nevermind.

  21. actually, hp6 can be gotten off amazon.co.uk for GBP8.99 though they will only send it to a mailing address located in the UK, for no delivery fee as well.

    its sad to see how expensive childrens' sotrybooks are, here :/

  22. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Well, I am serious when I read novels and it depends on what I read most of the time. As I've said, it's just my thoughts. No harm. I am a Malaysian, yes, I definitely am. And of course I know how they pronounce those words. I've heard of those pronounciation before.

    And as for Kenneth Chiew, I do watch movies, and I don't lead a boring life. I can be serious, I can be a jovial person. It depends on what I am reading at the moment.

    Oh, I don't have shares. I don't live in UK neither do I work at Bloomsbury. Ah.

    Well, I've seen parodies before. I've read Barry Trotter, the parody of Harry Potter. Malaysia cannot progress is not because it's full of peoples' like me. It's due to the society, and perhaps, the Government is not progressing or rather regressing. Sometimes.

    And yes, I do have a blog. But I thought I am some lame people.. Would you want to visit mine? Haha.

  23. Brandishing Spear : wuah so u jovial now! I m beginning to like u more!!! LOL! :P

  24. Anonymous8:33 pm


    Split personality perhaps? LMAO

    You're beginning to like me more. Wow. I'm elated. Extreme good sign. Unlike the Dark Mark in Harry Potter. :)

  25. Anonymous11:24 pm

    brandishing spear : omg. u need a sense of humour.

  26. i m a 1st-timer here.. n kinda enjoy ur rojaks.. ^^

    by reading rojaks doesnt mean i m stXpid ok.. hoho..

    i have olidi bookmarked here ^^


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