9 July 2005

Your Wife Need Sex 3 Times a Week

A 75-year-old woman went to the doctor for a check up. The doctor told her she needed more cardiovascular activity, and recommended that she engage in sexual activity three times a week.

A bit embarrassed, she said to the doctor, "Please tell my husband."

The doctor went out into the waiting room and told the husband that his wife needed sex three times a week.

The 80-year-old husband replied, "Which days?" The doctor answered, "Monday, Wednesday, and Friday would be ideal."

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The husband said, "I can bring her on Monday and Wednesday, but on Fridays, she'll have to take the bus."



  1. Ascherly hor, I cuma help you makan ci...errrr...I mean cabai rasa pedas. See PPS under PISSED. You kepoh go and comment about the pig and dildo wan lor. Next time hor, got nothing to say, dun say ppl dun say your nga keh chi mm chi? I also kenot help you liao. If you dare say me like dat, I terus send my gangsta to burn you with kerosene. LOL!

  2. Anonymous6:16 pm


  3. wuahahahahaha .... i duno some ppl so shallow one mah .... no wonder malaysia so backwards lar !!!! sigh* ... flame me flame me !!! KNNCCBMCHHKCTLLMCFHTLLTMSF!!!!


    that is so the long.

  5. wildflowerz how come so pissed leh? he/she (assume she lah) cannot take joke ler. this is a jokes blog, if u don't appreciate the joke, go visit macroblogger sites la.

    wat for waste time (buangmasa.net) and waste energy wanna get pissed like that.

  6. Anonymous6:37 pm

    aihs.. it's an inside joke lah ppl.. sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.. if say wildflowerz need pig and dildo only then diff story la.. tak kenal then go say things lidat meh.. aiya.. wingz and suanie aso know each other.. if suanie tulan aso another story lah.. but like i said.. inside joke lor

  7. wuah i so touched ... my frend suma kam bekap me ... *sniff sniff* ... wait i ask suanie come here then i mau propose to her :P

  8. Anonymous9:59 pm

    hwahh...sio kan cit kang sa pai...si beh khang kor.

  9. Die u Die!!!!! Say ppl like tat!!! Bad mouth!!! Say somemore la, say la!
    5xmom!! Pls recruit me. My house got jet fuel.

  10. wah galvin. i no tahu talking hokkien wor. :P


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