28 July 2005


This video consist of damn blardee lotsa bloggers in it, buden the screen moves kinda fast, so if you missed something, replay and use the "pause" button to read the names lo ok ?

This Video is kinda short, so its kinda impossible to put every single bloggers in there. What I did was I only put those whom I know or I regularly read into it. I hope you guys will like the video coz i nearly gone bonkers thinking of names/nicks to include in the short movie clip. Pls. forgive me if i left you out ledi ok ? I m sleepy and hungry now ... time to get something to eat!!

Leave me comment(s) ok ? lemme know how izzit .... prolly I can do better with feedback! Adios Amigos! Dont forget to click my ads !!!!


  1. LMAOOOOO good one! LOL

  2. Anonymous3:25 am

    its good that the sohai kasoon jumped off and died. now we can be spared from his stupid ping floods

  3. Anonymous4:04 am

    I like the Tim Yang part...see what see??? LOL

  4. Anonymous5:51 am

    yeah great one hehe
    - farking.spunge.org/blog

  5. wohoo! i'm in it! and Tim Yang's a girl? is that a teddy bear on his hand? LOL

  6. haha... laugh till i lok the floor liao..... yeah! i saw my name too :>

  7. Anonymous9:02 am



  8. At 1st I tot d fella who jumped frm top is superman! LOL *salute* u man.

  9. Hiyaa, everytime you put video. ah Pek cannot see, bcos ah pek got slow cock connectin. wait and wait also cannot load. like "ti por tang chot".

  10. ROTFLMAO! OMGWTFBBQ! i almost fell off my chair when i saw kahsoon! hahaha! see wat see! hahahaha!

  11. Anonymous9:44 am

    Wahlaueh... u really know ya bloggersphere... and yeah... tim yang n kahsoon sucks.

  12. oi! you missed out viewtru ler, i think... ;)

  13. Oh~!!!! This is the best video clips to express the brotherhood and sisterhood of blogsphere and PPS!!!! Way to go!!!

  14. Good one, Wingz. Since when Tim Yang tukar sex? LOL


    Nice touch on the Tim Yang thingy!!!

  16. sanie : tenkiu tenkiu!

    ka-soons : wuah lu 1st time komen here wor! hahaha .... he died meh ? :P

    simmie : u dun like the kahsoon part meh ?

    anon : hehe u advertise salah tampat la ... aku mia blog tarak olang mali mia!

    andy : Tim Yang suffer from complex inferiority, that teddy bear is his imaginary buddy! kakaka!!

    Loc Kee : hahaha .... funny leh ...

    Dee : tenkiu for kambing!

    dizzy : u better dun cut n paste or u will end lup like that fler! lol!

    ahpek : haiya! lu tinggal mana hutan wor! ppl now use blodben ledi la!

    belacan : lol! you nid a new chair la! you also love kahsoon so much huh ? kakaka maybe we can open a kahsoon fan club Soon!

    anon : yar agree agree

    belacan : alamak! tertinggal la!

    jason : Tenkiu!!~~~

    crazygrrl : itu aku pun dunno, lu kena tanye dia ler gf! :P

    kljs : lets open TimYang Fans club la!!! u bcome plesidern!

  17. Anonymous12:51 pm


  18. Anonymous12:58 pm

    pei fu lu.. reallly really pei fu lu, u enjoy urself so mucha nd everyone enjoys also.. weldone

  19. Anonymous1:26 pm

    wingz, I suka soooooo muchhh I click click click on your ads :P

  20. i've got the whoooole world, in my hands...

  21. Anonymous2:32 pm

    that is so so so sweet. AND FREAKING FUNNY. LOL

  22. J!mmy : tenkiu ... your nick abit hidden la .. got see anot ?

    S-kay : hahaha ... you also sweet mah ... can i taste ? :P Naz dun chop me pulez ... joking oni lol!

    butt : nyanyi pulak knn!! nx time u sing for me lar! i dub your voice inside the video!

    simmie : you suka what jek ? u suka me or suka my post jek ? *wink*

    carryn : tenkiu tenki *kowtows*

  23. Anonymous3:00 pm

    The kahsoon part was damn funny! Hahaha

  24. And the Oscar goes to .....

  25. Hoi lan cheow!!!! Your blog now got sooo many videos. Last time when your teacher asked you to write an essay about what you wanna be when u grow up... I guess you wanna be a movie producer!

  26. niamah, i can't stop laughing, how?

    But thank you hor larling, at least I drive a cool SUV

  27. Willwolf : wah lan eh Oscar ar ? wanna prepeh speech anot ?

    kstang : wuahh taikor ... u havent been to my blog since u kahwin ka ? been busy huh ? heh heh heh ....

    Kiasi : what to do? i dun wanna be fehmes, i dunwan my face to appear in newspehpah ... i like my life as it is. I wanna blog anonymously so i can write watever fark i like ... i dont wanna be influence by fame also ... I juz wanna be me :)

    5xmom : hahaha normal larr!! whenever u kam to rojaks.blogspot.com u kena expect at times you will luff till u shit in your pants one la! once a singkapoh reader told me she luff till headache .. nealy blackout ... kena see lokter after that LOL! ... i think luffing is good la ... inhale more oxygen into your brain n help combat asthma LOL!

  28. Anonymous12:44 am

    Boff lor *blush blush*

    Your posts so farnee! You so seksi! Duno if I should orgasm or pangsai in my pants! LOL

  29. Great one rojak! (pun intended)

    I knew you always had it in you. A mallywood producer in the making! And this Orgy xxx video certainly is a good way to start. LOL. Great one, I truely enjoyed it.

  30. walieu!!! Got me summore ah? BWUAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA!!!

  31. Anonymous5:03 am

    fuiyoh, i finally can post comment liao
    better late than never

  32. Tai tai kor - Quite free even after kahwin and I always cum at your blog... i mean come to your blog. Just never left any stains... i mean comments. Tee hee!

  33. how come i can't see the video one? something missing from my browser?

  34. OMG ... wahhahahaha funny sial.

  35. nice video... well just imagine if these were to be shown on national tv. sure stunner!


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