22 July 2005

WTF is TYMOS - New Word Coined !!

One day [I forgot which day ledi ok? So dun ask!] I go happy hour YumSing with 2 of my buddy Chris and Tom jai, after a brief discussion we decided to go to a pub around our area and avoid the trehpik jam crap.

We end up in this pub called “Low Pang Yau” [long time frend], we go in we see environment quite ok and suitable for chit chat so we terus goan find a table and order our beers.

Suddenly out of nowhere a bunch of AhBengs appeared, they sit at the table next to us, there are 5 of them but the amount of noise they are making can beat a Boeing 747 engine with ease!

I beh tahan with the noise [old ledi mah] so this is what I told Chris n Tom jai :

Me : Mahchowhai today so hak jai ….. come here thot can enjoy … skali got a bunch of sakais sitting beside us … farkin noisy sommo …. “Truelan” lidis man!! #$#%^@!!!!

Chris : yala! Spoil our evening YumSing session only, poohkey betul, see all the girls also dun dare to come near us ledi !! MCH!!!

Tom Jai : Eh you two can be “seemun” abit anot ? dun be like those Ahbeng can ar ? dun swear lar! See the girls all dunwan come near us! Next time you really wanna swear must do it in style ….. I show you how.

Tom Jai : TYMOS punya olangs can you please lower your volume ?

Me & Chris : Huh? What is TYMOS ? can eat one anot ?

Tom Jai : TYMOS ar ? TYMOS is a new abbreviation which stands for “THROW YOUR MOTHER OLD SHOE!!! [ in canto : Tiow Niahmah Low Hai]

Me & Chris *luffing like we are high on ketamine lidat, till all our hau suis and bei thai also meleleh kluar*

This is how your throw "That" shoe okay ?

Disclaimer : If you don’t think this joke is funny then TYMOS la !!!!


  1. Anonymous4:15 pm



  2. MCH !! lol , li tat also can ah??

  3. Diu!! Must be the beer talk. LOL!!

  4. Learned new thing today. Wingz, TYMOS!! :P


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