21 July 2005

OMFG!! Look who is in the NewsPehpah Again!! Lucky Dude - KennySia!

Self explainatory, got this from THE STAR today[21st July 2005] , Page 29. Read it yourself! if u dunno how to read then goan ask someone who knew.

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Lucky dude KennySia, he just bring our ties with our neighbour country [Singapore] closer than ever before. Kudos to him! And hes gonna break PeterTan's record very soon! PeterTan has been in the newspehpah for about 7 times and counting ....

Many thanks to Mack Zulkifli from Brand New Malaysian for the tip off.


  1. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Wah..lu manyak updated hor =P

  2. Anonymous5:40 pm

    You just had to do this lah ... LOL

  3. Wohhhh hohohoooo! Wat's tomorrow updates? "Police Knocking on Mr XXXXX Door?"

  4. wah... haven't ping and already you so fast got comments. you gonna be popular soon. When going into the paper??

  5. you know, I don't think this is a matter to be laughing at. Kenny who is BOTY should be an example and not this type of things. It makes as if us Bloggers are no better than pronstars or something like that.

    just my 0.0001 cents.

  6. kenney has opened a big ken of worms
    now he squishes, squashes and squirms

    fame for 15 minutes? or more? ;p

  7. kljs, if being the winner of BOTY means I should not write something like that, then I willingly give up my BOTY.

    There's a reason why I didn't put up the BOTY award symbol on my site you know. Atm, I see it more as a weapon that others used to attack me, than an award that I could be proud of.

  8. Anonymous6:21 pm

    Come on guys, lighten up. Nobody is perfect and Kenny might have made an error in judgement, and after a while, thought better of it and moved on. The real issue here is that bloggers are humans, and as humans we have different point of views. After a while, dwelling on one issue for too long by penalising the blogger can get quite tiring. We laughed, and if you want laugh some more. I reckon it was put up for laughs in the first place, albeit it can be construed as misplaced humour. Now let's stop banging Kenny for it. I tink he bounced back brilliantly. And that is that.

  9. Wingz, Actually I've been in the papers (both M'sian and S'porean) a lot more than 7 times. :)

  10. oi oi peeples!!! this is a joke blog laa!!! dont fight !!! peeples come here for a luff not for gaduh one!!! Releks brader releks!!! nah take a kitkat each of you guy hehehe.

  11. Laugh??!! U must be kidding. It's out on paper eh!! How many ppl r reading tat paper? We r laffing here, God knows how many more millions of ppl reaction will b.

  12. Anonymous6:46 pm

    Kenny, why the reference to how many times you have been out on the papers suddenly? Need to inflate your coconuts further?

  13. fuck those hypocriteslar...even the guy who wrote it in the paper...would haf wanked off

  14. Anonymous7:17 pm

    There will always be a wide audience with different mindset out there.

  15. can beli nombor with this information, ah?

  16. It's ppl rite 2 hav diff kinda thinking. Who r v 2 tell ppl u can do tis, u cant do tat. But 1 thing everyone shld know 'wat is rite, & wat is wrong'.

  17. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Fiuh... everyone has their thoughts and opinions. But, can we just keep it inside our heart? Just let it pass and carry on with our lives and read Rojaks for good jokes and laughter. okie dokey?

    Just my humble 1 cents. Okay, I go stand in the corner now.

  18. Surf bro, while we r reading jokes at Rojak, many more r reading d newspaper. While we r laffin, many more r showing concern on 'blogging'

  19. Everybody makes mistakes. What mistakes, they do not matter. As long as he knows what mistake he had done and will prevent it from happening. :)

    Enough said.

    Let the newspaper do what they want to do. They got jobs to do and that is to publish articles that are usually negative stuffs.

    On the other hand, we bloggers should just sniggered it off. Not a very big deal actually. :)

  20. just a pair of tits, then it's so big deal, kenny haven't shown us his coconuts yet! if keep on like this, the day will never come for the coconut to be exposed!!

  21. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Serious matter or not, you guys should just laugh it off la. Laugh at Kennysia, or laugh at the entry Wingz made. It's up to you.

    Life is a joke anyway.

    Let Kenny pick up the pieces and move on. BOTY or not, he has to move on. I don't admit his blog was the best among all candidates, but the award given means recognition.

    So respect him lah a bit.

    And respect yourself a bit.

    Just move on lah. Don't drag.

  22. s-kay : ya lo i got Mr.Bluebird to tip me off mah

    Mack : i cant resist LMAO!!! thanks to you!

    dizzy : wuah u say only har not i say one har!!

    kenn : i dunwan popular lar! i dunwan headache!

    kljs : wuah ... tension sial read your komen LMAO!!! but pornstar leh ... i also want to be!!!

    y!: big worm or small worm ? i think its elephant trunk la ... no ?

    kenny : wuah Mr.coconut you yeet hei ler ... drink some leong char ... BOTY can simply give away one meh ... dunnn!!!

  23. mack : live and let live :)

    kenny : wow! abis lar Peter jai mia rekod lol ...

    dizzy : you also yeet hei la ... drink some leong char will definitely help :P

    Xialanxue : eh u guy or gal 1st ?

    devilwit : you also yeet hei ... try Hor Yan Hor herbal drink, it helps! :P

    doc sifu : agree! wanna eat Hamyu must be able to withstand the saltiness rite anot ?

    the1stxmas : wuah u mean spy ka ? die die ... careful of what you post nx time.

    buttsh4k3r : mana got nombor ??

  24. surfnux : i join u stand in the korner jom!

    jason : agree agree!!!

    andycjw : gosh! u sure you are straight ?

    jxt2j : wuah ... very meaningfool ler your komen ~~~ i like~~~ LMAO!

    kiasi : your komen lagi deep!!!


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