14 July 2005

Perodua Introducing the New 330cc Kancil ???!!!!

In view with the recent sharp hike in petrol price Perodua come out with this brilliant idea. They wanna make a car so economical in both price and Fuel Consumption [FC] so to ease the burden of the low income earner (which consist of almost 100% of Kancil driver).

So all the engineers in Perodua Manufacturing plant were asked to come out with the new car designs, engines and other stuffs to compliment the car. Their top priority is to make sure the car is gonna be cheap to produce and low on FC.

Months and months of research were put into the making of the new 330cc front wheel drive AUTOMATIC Kancil and finally the prototype were ready for road test. Only 1 unit were built so each engineer hafta take turn to test drive it and submit their own appraisal.

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New Perodua Engin 330cc

Then come this fler turn ... his name is Kenneth Chiew(Kenn) he is the engine dept mia engineer testing the engine mia pahwer. First he try going uphill 45º slope, the car struggling abit but still managed to arrive at the top of the hill, after that in front of him are flat road with a "T" junction. Kat that "T" junction got 1 trehpik light. So ngam that time red light so Kenn Kena stop la, after wait abit then light turn green so Kenn straight away step on the accelerator buden the car refuse to barge! .... Kenn lower the gear to "D2" and try again this time the engin roaring like hell but the car still dunwan to barge even an inch!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
The New Perodua Kernchill Kancil 330cc Prototype!!!

Frustrated he pop the trunk and start to attach all kinda wires from his laptop to the engin and run test on them, he did not manage to find any fault with the engin, in fact the engin is in perfect conditions. Unsatisfied he look around for others mechanical problems he look at the wheels bearing trying to locate any signs of malfunction, unable to find any he moving towards the tyres and finally he found the problem !!!!

The pobem comes from a piece of CHEWING GUM on the road sticking on to the front left tyre of the car preventing it from moving !!!!


  1. Anonymous1:50 am

    upon further investigation, it was discovered that it was pidgeon dropping, not chewing gum that caused the malfunction.

  2. LOL.

    *paiseh paiseh*
    It was a very BIG piece of chewing gum


  3. Anonymous2:43 am

    Fuwah, I love Kancil.

  4. Anonymous8:18 am

    "...cheap to produce and low on FC" and easily crushed like a thin can.

    With the 330cc Kancil, a two lane traffic jam would become a 4 lane one.

  5. Anonymous10:15 am

    ROFL. Maybe can put 2 engine, more terror. Better than twin turbo. ;p

  6. Anonymous10:19 am

    I read again, then I notice switch "D2", kakakkakaka, automatic tranmission somemore.

  7. LOL.
    Manz, u r very creative ah.

  8. Bojingles : pigeon dropping so sticky one meh ? u kena b4 ??? LOL!

    Kenn : LOL!!!

    iLovekahsoon : I thot you love kahsoon more ?

    mwt1 : potong also tin can ler n more expensive pulak ... with 330cc kancil 2 lane become 6 when trehpik jam!!!

    moo : 2 engine, 1 for left wheel and 1 for right wheel ? if 1 of the engine gone then u will be moving in circles !!! LOL!!! yes its auto 330cc!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

    Dizzy : eh not i creative la ... u a bit slow only jek KAKAKAKA!!!


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