26 July 2005

Ahpek Peeking Girls Skinny Dipping in Pond

An elderly retired Ahpek in Kedah owned a large farm for several years.

He got this large pond in the back of his houz, fixed up nicely with picnic tables, badminton court, playground, jambu trees and lambutans trees.. The pond was purposely built for swimming, in other words its a natural swimming pool la.

Anden one petang Ahpek decided to go down to the pond behind lia mia lumah to pick some lambutans and jambu for his bini, bcoz he also long time no go there edi he thinks there must be alot of fruits to bring back one la, so he grabbed a big bucket to bring back some fruit.

As he neared the pond, Ahpek heard voices of young pompwans shouting and laughing and water splashing. So Ahpek very kancheong he then creeps like a stealthty ninja moving slowly towards the pond to peek at the girls. Skali he saw about 6 lenglui mandi bogel - Skinny Dipping in his pond ... wah lau eh ... Ahpek this time no nid VIAGRA also engine can start!

Mana tau, Ahpek over SEXcited and ter-kicked his bucket and that gives him away to the girls. The girls all rush into the pond like Hippo lidat and one of the Ahlian told Ahpek "Oi hamsup Ahpek! lu apasel intai kite olangs? kite dunwan come out if u dont leave!!"

Dissapointed Ahpek walk out of the bush hes hidding in and said "Lengluis, why lar u curi curi goan swim in my pond ?"

Ahlian : Why knot ka ? even if its lu mia pond also, you knot intai us lidat mah! worst worst u can halau us only! where can intai us mandi bogel lidat?!

*Ahpek mia brain pusing manyak laju now to think of a way so he can see those naked chun body again*

Ahpek : Actulee, I not come here to intai u all one la ....

*He then hold up the bucket he bawak with him to show it to those Ahlians, he points to the bucket and said*

Ahpek : I come here to feed my BUAYAs in the pond lar!!

Moral of the story : Still dont underestimate Old Cock ok ? LMAO!


  1. Anonymous3:19 pm

    "creep like a stealthty ninja "

    HAHAHAHA bloody funny!!!

  2. young cock, old cock, no cock, all d same la, hamsap.

  3. Wah lagi one more Ahpek. This one buaya darat, more teruk than me.

  4. wah. eh, question leh. if old skin becomes long and sagging, what happen to old cock?

    lolz. wai all dis ar ahpek jokes ar?

  5. Anonymous12:46 am

    Muhahahahha...dang farnee lah!

  6. Woi, where's the pond ah? Let's install a webcam there la. LOL

  7. Jx : dun pray pray ... old liow still can kick ass man!!! old ninja LMAO!

    dizzy : no cock how to be hamsup ar ?

    Ahpek : kakaka u Ohkau kaki only!!!

    Quicksilver : hmm dat Q u kena ask Ahpek liow!

    simmie : tenkiu tenkiu! when u wanna compose me a funny song i put my blog leh ?

    willwolf : knot tell you! if not too many cam there then no more girls go mandi bogel ledi! lol

  8. wei! dun simply simply call my name lar! hehehe ;)


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