8 July 2005

Underwear Exposed!

Once upon a time there is a family consist of 2 fler …. Ying Ci the doter and her oldman. The story has it that this family very poor. Ying Ci ngam ngam 17 years old and goto factory to work to earn money feed the family.

Her starting gaji RM400 linccit oni. Buden somehow YingCi’s oldman found out that Ying Ci managed to buy new handphone every month and got lotsa money to buy new cothes and shoes also, so he also pening … he knows Ying Ci mia gaji RM400 linccit only …. Abuden he terus ask Ying Ci la …

Doter ar … mai sini … ahpah mau tanye sikit …

YingCi : Mud chat ?
Oldman : where u come so much money to buy all this Nokia 6600 and AIRmani shirt ??
YingCi : My co-worker they all very good they gimme money everyday during lunch
Oldman : Give u money ???!!! how ???
YingCi : During lunch time they all gimme 5 bucks each and ask me to climb up the flag pole lo!
Oldman : AIYO!!! Doter you don’t so stupid la !!! rugi la lidis!!! They wanna see your underwear only la !!!
YingCi : AIYOYO!!!! Lidat one ahpah ??? I rugi la lidis!!!! Nvm ahpah I know what to do from now on!

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One day later.

YingCi : Ahpah!!!
Oldman : Mud chat ?
YingCi : Today I so smart hor! I made the same money without rugi to them O!
Oldman : Wuah !!! so smart ar ? Tell me how u do it?
YingCi : Easy ler …. U say they all wanna see my underwear mah, so today I no wear underwear they mai knot see lor!!!
Oldman *fall down from the chair and foaming from the mouth*


  1. Anonymous3:25 am

    *foam flowing from mouth*

  2. can tell me where's the factory? i want to work there also. LOL

  3. Jxt2J : YingCi is your doter ar ??

    andycjw : soli itu factory moved to china ledi ... if not i also wanna work there!

    jason : hehe

    n305er : Tenkiu~

  4. Anonymous11:27 pm

    DIU! I just saw this! OMG! I AM SO SLOWWWWWWWWW :'(

    *za dao* *pengsan*

    THE YingCi with underwear


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