23 July 2005

SPERM BANK ROBBED!!! watch CCTV Video !!!

A bunch of sohais with bad eyesight decides to rob a bank, little they know its a sperm bank! If only they check their eyesight first! LOL! [actulee this is an joke modified as an ad for an optical company in thaicock laaa] nevertheless this is funny shit! Observe the manglish subtitle!!!

*P.S. the video abit too short and the subtitle abit too fast, just replay and use the "PAUSE" button to read it properly lo okeh ? I no power wanna edit again lol!

After you enjoyed the Video, I got below here an almost similar story, so i thot might as well post it together la. Enjoy!

There was this robber. he went to a bank and said "give me all your money"
The banker said,"but..."
The robber interrupted and said ,"i dont wanna hear any buts about it".
The banker continued,"but...but...but"
The robber interupted again and replied,"I said i didnt wanna hear any buts about Just give me the key and ill open the safes myself".

The banker gave him the key. The robber opened up the first safe and didnt find anything but vanilla pudding. He opened up the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th safe and found nothing but vanillia pudding. The robber decided not to let this robbery go to waste so he ate all the vanillia pudding.

The next morning the robber saw in the newspaper "SPERM BANK ROBBERY"


  1. you did the manglish subtitle?
    actually i think the adsense there is very funny because of this post, 'facing robbery attorney', muahaha!

  2. Anonymous11:14 am

    sweet heesus! i almost shat myself watching that vid!

  3. andycjw : yar i do myself one the subtitle ... if not who else can do manglish like me worrrr kakakaka!!

    xypre : hahaha! hey you first timer here ?

  4. Wah lau. Lucky I don't eat yogurt. *Yuks* pui! pui!

  5. muuaaaaahhhahahahaa... funny seing those security guard reaction :D

  6. kanina, whose sperm that one? somemore got vannila smell one. bwahhahahaha!!

  7. willwolf : hahaha!!! taufoofah also looks like frozen sperm also wat ? kakaka!!!

    dizzy : u shiok at those guards izzit ? LOL!

    ah pek : Vanilla flavor laaa!!! this video dem hot now ... ppl from everywhere searching this hot video! but too bad they dont leave komen one kani!!

  8. kakaka, what can i say? sohaiiii!


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