22 July 2005

Look Ma! No More PEG! ... We are HAILAT this time!

Diu Lor !!!! this time HAILAT la!!!

I kambek from work, turn on pc goan check PPS ... skali I see lotsa title saying USD unpegged against Yuan and RM .... MCH! my face also turned pale ledi !!!! no joke!

This time hailat lar "I told myself" ..... so many stuffs is ongoing project, price alredi quoted, downpayment received, now suddenly gahmen tell me "soli-ah you project and contract on hand now is worth a lot lesser than this morning" MAHCHOWHAI!!! HAILAT this time !!!!

WTF is our gomen thinking ? no warning no nothing !!! how many people will die bcoz of this you know ???!!!! those who have lotsa reserve in USD will surely die!

1. Those who relied solely on exports will also DIE !!!!
2. Our stuffs will be more expensive to buy now.
3. Buyer will look elsewhere for cheaper goods.
4. Factories will be closed because of lack of orders.
5. Foreign Investor will move out of Malaysia because we are not competitive anymore.
6. Jobssss will be lost.
7. Exports will reduce thus greatly affecting incoming of foreign funds.
8. Imports will increase thus our monies will flow out of the country more than before.
9. Economy will suffer.
10. Your USD100 Google Adsense cek is now worth lesser [5xmom notchet get her cek]
11. If your salary is in USD, your bring home pay in RM will be lesser now.
12. Companies will lotsa USD reserve will die!
13. Ah Sahm who love to keep USD under the bed will suffers losses too.
14. Those who have branch in USA will now earn lesser profits.
15. Banglas who got no jobs after factory closed down will start robbing banks.
16. Out of ideas, have new idea that time only put OR if you have idea u put in komen i goan paste here ok ?

Go to Fxstreet tomolo morning, observe the International Money Market and observes the exchange rate between RM and USD , see got drop like flies kena Ridsect anot.

I quote Terenceg picked from his blog :
"Terenceg: What ever it may be, i am sure it will benefit the goverments as i am sure they have loaded themselves with USD before this announcement. And since is with immediate effect, those ignorants that don’t read world news every night will be exchanging USD now for 3.8…."

Looks like "some Hamkahlings" is gonna gain lotsa fucking shit monies from all of these!!!!

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  1. Anonymous12:22 am

    omg. omfg. omfbg.

    mch mcb puki pantat!

    habis la.

    no more ipod for me.

  2. Economics 101. Cool.

  3. Your point no. 11 hit me as I'm paid with a currency still pegged to USD

  4. Anonymous1:03 am

    hey, thanks for the link.

  5. Anonymous1:03 am

    sorry, that was me, hokkienlang. haha.

    good thing is you have two comments!
    bad thing is you just got spammed by me.

    sorry :)

  6. Anonymous1:19 am

    jxt2j: Hey if USD unpegged isn't it MYR more valuable? ipod will be cheaper!

  7. Anonymous1:33 am

    brother, u think so easy ah.

    yes ipod price will go down because MYR becomes valuable. maybe not. reseller might just sell for same price for bigger chunk of profit.

    buden u think ler. wages also go down lei! soon i'll be eating maggi mee. is maggi mee imported? can buy more.

  8. hai... me also die la, like loonatik i also point 11 la.
    cham liao. no more $$ buy rojak liao

  9. this time a lot of ppl sure sei wan lor.

    anyway in US, the banks have been asking for RM5-6 or USD$1 for a few years now...

  10. wages will only go down if you are paid in US dollars. if you are paid in ringgit, the real value of your wages against the US dollar will actually increase


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