16 September 2005

Guess The Pics Contest!


Look at this pics and leave your answer together with the complete slogan in the comment section. Winner will be announce tomlo via this blog and all major PUBIC newspaper.

Guess that Pikchures contest!
Guess the below 4 pikchures and tell me what you think they are and stand the chances to win one of the below!
Grand Prize : Mr. Belacan's unwashed spender (underwear) - Come with "Spesel" stain
Second Prize : Mr. Wolfy's mia useD condom - You don wanna know how we got hold of this
Third Prize : Lilian Chan's soiled sanitary pad (last month mia) - Do you know postmen cant smell stench?

Spesel Prize : A date with either KY (for Girls only) or Suanie (for Guys only).- No! Guys r not allowed date KY!

9,999 x Consolation Prize : Free 1 year subscription to Rojaks Daily, Pics of FA & PeNNyPupZ in bikini!!!

Complete the slogan below :

I like Rojaks Daily bcoz : ............................................................................. (in not more than 10,956 words) Hints - words like handsome, hunk, lengjai are encouraged and will give you higher chances of winning!

Submit your answer together with the slogan to the comment section below. All answers and slogan must be submitted before 17/09/2005.

The desicion are final BUT if you beg hard enuff we might even think of it. All answer will be judge by Belacan, Wolfy and Me.

Guess these Pikchures!

Pikchures A

Pikchure B

Pikchure C

Pikchure D


  1. 1st pic - 2 pimple on buttcheek

    2nd pic - pimple on nose

    3rd pic - bellybutton or wound on stomach

    4th pic - wound on back.

    I like Rojaks Daily bcoz : its a blardy good blog to waste time at...and also the last prize is uberly attracting even if its 9999 sets of em.

  2. I like Rojaks Daily bcoz :
    They sux like the rest of us.

    A. pimple of seefart(buttock lar)
    B. pimple on hidung
    C. wound on hand, you see the two fingers too.
    D. wound on back, prolly he guy making a handstand.

    AhPek, cepat buat pantun!

  3. 1st pic - acne on bum
    2nd pic - acne on nose
    3rd pic - wound on arm
    4th pic - wound at the back

    I like Rojaks Daily
    Because it is so smelly
    The author is very crazy
    But he always said he is classy

    With his fellow blogger Wolfie
    Together with Belacan and Papi
    They formed their own groupy
    Just to ogle and talk cock only

    Beat this!!!

  4. Anonymous9:59 pm

    A)Zit on sifatt cheeks
    B)Zit on nose
    C)Wound on hand
    D)Wound on back, the person doing handstand

    I like Rojaks Daily because satu hari tak baca no selera to makan, cannot pangsai and tidur. Somore, Rojaks Daily make me laugh when I feel down. Oso ah, the judges are so hamsem and yau yeng!

  5. Oi, lancheow, I menopause liao, no more period dey. LOL! Wait I go ask my setan to tell me what are those pikchures.

  6. I like Rojak Daily bcoz :

    Huh? I cannot join in ah? Bcoz I'm one of the judges ah? Damn! Cannot take back my condom!

  7. A. two bisuls on butt
    B. STD symptoms on the nose
    C. hand rotting away
    D. guy doing errr...you know la, cccunsomethingsomething which is the reason why he get A, B, C.

    I like Rojaks Daily bcoz : he chisin enough to make me laugh even on bad days and somemore hor, he mixed around with all the bad dads bloggers who are also my fav bloggers like that very hensem Mr Belacan,*polish shoes* very yau-yeng Willwolf and very manly ah pek (ei, is he the judge or not ha?).

    But hor, remember hor, I very generous wan. If I win a prize, I will donate it to Mr Rojak.

  8. Anonymous1:10 am

    A)Zit on sifatt cheeks
    B)Zit on nose
    C)Wound on hand
    D)Wound on back, the person doing handstand

    I like Rojaks Daily because the owner of the blog damn 9 leng chai, yau yeng, mou tak deng, bei pei, mou chi, har lau, jin kat, hamsup, ying jun sieu sha.

  9. ..........................

  10. I like rojaks bcos,
    He very kwai lan,
    make me very tu lan,
    see beh boh chai lan,
    ask him ke hor lang kan.
    (hope you understand hokkien, if not ask auntie lillian to explain)

    Aiyoo.. so easy also you all guess wrong.
    Ist. one is ning ku pok,
    2nd. one is rojak's cock,
    3rd. one is lillian without her frock,
    and 4th one is inevitable's female dog.

  11. Wah Ah Pek. Liddat still can berpuisi ah? Fook jor nei lor.

  12. Anonymous1:33 pm

    cikgu, ada olang copy my answer....cut and paste somore

  13. I know its a trick but I am gonna play along :)

    pic A: nutrient source!
    pic B: side dish
    pic C: mountaineering
    pic D: vitamin source!

    I like Rojaks Daily bcoz : of his jokes; always galenti to make my apek-amah flend to lup until wet wet and who can forget his lengchai look, once see, sure nightmare for folever!

  14. Woi Ah Pek, apa lanciau with my dog??

  15. hot chicks k, i want hot chicks

  16. tommorrow you will see it looks like the face of your female dog.

    why ky want hot chicks? you short already ah?

  17. 1. Nipples & breasts
    2. Side view of breast
    3. Flat tummy & tat button
    4. Tummy again wit bulu

    I like Rojaks Daily b'coz i've no other blog to go & was forced to come here.

    Liuuuu!!!! Deadline over liao ah?

  18. I think ah pek is in love with me. Every post also use my name. Please tell ah pek ngo mm hou lou yan wan hor? Mm yong tak chor. Lam pek pek.

  19. Anonymous4:05 pm

    wah....make me so horny wan!


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