15 September 2005

Cute Name for a Restaurant in AhPek's Hometown

Isnt this a cute name for a restaurant ? I m sure AhPek is familiar with this restaurant as he is also from PD. Maybe that is the place he everyday go OHKAU ?


  1. hou yao cham chip gam (close to ehart feeling) ah!!!!

  2. hahahaa... like that also you manage to snap photo. but sorrylah, that one about 10 miles away from my place, so neber been there.

  3. in kuching we have even more weird ass kopitiam names...

  4. jason : kakaka! i dunno u so close to Ahpek one .. close till "hou yao chan chit gum" LMAO!

    frostier : knn u also shiok kat Ahpek one ar ?

    Ahpek : you dont bluff la ... i know you lepak there one ... u sked your fansee go there find u izzit ?

    knychai : post pic of weird kopitiam names in kuching wei!

    elfintrot : fei chai means "fat lil boy" so kedai fei chai means fat boy shop :P


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