13 September 2005

Not Just Another 9/11 Story

Well, since 9-11 just left us but nevertheless I would like to share this jokes with all you guys. There is something to be learn here ... If only I know what ! LMAO!!!

In a New York park, a young boy was attacked by a savage dog. A passer-by happened to come upon the attack and came to the rescue. Having tackled the dog, he strangled it to death. A reporter for the New York Times was watching all this and took snap shots for a front page picture in the next days paper.

Approaching our hero he says: "Your heroic feat shall be published in tomorrow's paper under the headline - Brave New Yorker Rescues Boy".

"I'm not from New York" replied our brave hero. "Oh in that case we'll change the headline - Brave American Rescues Boy from Savage Dog".

"I'm not American either" replied our brave hero. On being asked about from he really was, our hero replied "I'm an Arab".

The next day, the headline on the front page of The New York Times read:

"Muslim Fundamentalist strangles dog to death in New York park - FBI investigating possible link to al-Qaeda!"

Oh! i remember liow! ... i was meant to say Racism exist everywhere! even in USA! :P


  1. very teruk hor. like that also can. but you joking one isn't it?

  2. Anonymous10:36 am

    The 'Muslim Fundamentalist' should changed to 'Sand Niggers'. That's how american called arabs ppl anyway.

  3. err. why would he strangle the dog anyways? later the SPCA come and tangkap him. tak kira arab ke, amerika ke, sama jugak.

  4. There is another joke like this (I think it is the original).

    The setting is in the UK, and the passersby is a teenager. The reporter wrote 'Liverpool Fan Saves Boy from Dog'. When the teenager said he's a Manchester fan, the reporter wrote 'Manchester Bastard Kills Dog in Cold Blood'.

    Hehhehe.. That one isn't so controversial.

  5. i oso wanna be hero, can? but im yellow, how?

  6. butt : if u r yellow then u got the yellow fever/ jaundice err .. is that the correct spelling ?

  7. Muslims can't touch dogs ler, holler like an idiot in attempt to frighten the dog away is ALL you can expect.

  8. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Correction. Muslim CAN touch dog. They just have to wash out using a special way afterwards.

  9. Ahpek : joking ler

    anon : sigh they got all kinda names for other races dont they ?

    quick : bcoz if he dont kill the dog then he not hero enuff ler lol

    ash : well, i dont know which one is the original but one thing for sure, both are freaking discriminating.

    butt : you har ? you goan kill altis driver la KAKAKA!

    mob1900 : muslim can touch, provided they must be dry. Why ? beats me ... if the dog is wet then they kena wash hands with tanah liat ... why again ? beats me!


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